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Astrological lover - Love match's for Leo born 22 June to 23July

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The Ideal astrological love match for Leo:  Leo is what may be considered as the ultimate of all of the fire signs (Aries Leo Sagittarius) and as such brings a desire to lead, to create and to innovate as part of it's own personal package into any love relationship. The Leo astrological sign radiates a persona of mega-confidence. Leo the lion is king of the beast and there fore must always have an audience, the playfulness associated with the Leo astrological sign can regress some times into childish demands for even more attention.. The more matured Leo has a great big and beautiful heart and will radiate inner sunshine on all who comes into contact with this bold and adventurous spirit. Leo is one of the fixed signs and this quality when coupled with the quality of fire adds self-reliance a characteristic that works well with all of Leo's formative energy. With out the ability to consolidate and to be stabilized this fire element can some times know no bounds. Leo types need a more humbling influence with-in their ideal love match. People born with a perfusion of Leo within their astrological charts would benefit no end by being allowing or some times to be actively encouraged to bring their more peaceful side and their receptivity to the surface.  The Leo lover would, all things being equal make the best astrological love mate with either  Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius: -  Find your true love ?

Leo and Sex. Leo is one of the fire signs and fiery passions burn both in the mind and the body of the Leo astrological sign. Leo's are exceedingly passionate and can be quite sexually demanding. The Leo star sign radiates sexual confidence and they do like to take charge in bed. The royal lover likes to explore the pleasures of sex and sexually, Leo's like to be admired and craved but they like to be flattered even more. Leo rules over the heart so they have to be attached or fond of their lover to enjoy sex, they may prefer the drama of courtship to the predictability of any permanent though. Leos enjoy having sex in a splendid way such as at the Taj or on an expensive, luxurious yacht. No other astrological sign can be so majestic, in fact theatrical, and grand in lovemaking. Leos fantasies revolve around themes of exhibitionism, romance set in historical eras, Leo's like variety in love and sex and some may even explore unconventional types of sex such as sadomasochism ..- Visit Astro Map‘s-Astrology Store-HERE

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