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The Ideal astrological love match for Gemini:  The Air element in the Gemini astrological sign brings communication intellect and speed into this astrological love mix! Gemini is one of the happy and the adaptable mutable signs of the zodiac, the mutability of this astrological sign brings motivation and adaptability into any relationship. The variety-loving Gemini's seem to need constant change and consequently they can make very interesting lovers, the Gemini reaches out expands and expresses with a flexible personality that ensures the Gemini can connect and communicate well with just about all others. The Gemini's energy and need for activity can how ever go a little too far in a relationship on occasions!  The Gemini can find it difficult finding the right direction in life therefore natives of this sign may need the balancing influence of stability and their desire to communicate quickly and rapidly can only be fulfilled when met with receptivity then not only can the Gemini speak there mind but they can listen just as well and complete the communication cycle! Balance comes only from a 'slowing down' influence from someone who will listen learn and grow within a loving relationship. The best and ideal astrological love match with out further analysis of the birth charts involved would most likely be with either a Leo Libra or  Aquarius.

Gemini and Sex. Being an Air sign Gemini astrological sign is aroused by intellectual communion. Sex is no small task as their inner nature is very complex. For Gemini, sexual fulfillment comes only with mental satisfaction. There is nothing better than an intelligent, scintillating conversation before sex for the Gemini lover who often wants a partner who is an intellectual companion. Gemini's are not fierce or aggressive as lovers but they can arouse their lover by sensual erotic fantasizes and stories and can be experimental in lovemaking. The Gemini lover may constantly keep analyzing their love life. In terms of sexual encounters Gemini's do crave variety and may have more than one lover at a time. Fantasy is a very big part of sex for Gemini, the scenarios they can construct in their imaginations may include graphic details of the meeting, the chase, the seduction and the dirty talk during sex (they are masters at this game), which is just as important to them as the real physical thing. A keyword to understanding Gemini sexuality is excitement. Their active, ever-roving mind, constantly in motion demands excitement and stimulation. .- Visit Astro Map‘s-Astrology Store-HERE

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