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The best Astrological lover - Love match's for Cancer 23rd June- 23rd July

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The Ideal astrological love match for Cancer: Cancer's ruling element is water which symbolizes our emotions and like the other water signs of Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer needs to both give and to receive on an emotional level. All water signs thrive on the exchange of feelings. The Cancer astrological sign has a deep need for security the Cancer astrological sign needs a loving environment in order to feel comfortable within a relationship. People whom have Cancer prominent with in their astrological charts seem to be able to absorb memories, feelings and psychic messages from others close by and they will in turn send back their own feelings. Cancer is what is called a cardinal sign which when coupled with the element of water motivates and energizes their inbuilt ability to provide for others. Few other astrological signs will work as hard within a loving relationship than those people with a Cancer sun sign. Confidence can at times be a bit 'wobbly' with a Cancer, they are after all extremely sensitive and tuned in to just about everything. This astrological sign is ruled by the moon which in turn rules our feelings, the moon changes sign every couple of days which is indicative of Cancers changing moods and mood-swings. Sometimes the Cancer desire to be loved results in giving too much and In some instances the Cancer native can become either over-protective and or over-dependent. When Cancer is balanced properly with the 'right' partner then they will be able operate with true personal independence and confidence. All things being equal with-in the natives astrological charts the best Cancer love prospect would be either  Libra a Scorpio  Capricorn or  Pisces.

Cancer and Sex. The Cancer is one of the water astrological signs and as such a very emotional star sign it is a sign with a powerful urge to nurture other people. The Cancer astrological sign may pretend to be very cool but they are in reality very sensual and loving types. Caner is usually shy and sensitive so their kind of intense sexuality needs to be awakened, fed and fertilized by tenderness and then brought to bloom by passion. In lovemaking to be emotionally involved with their lover is very important for them. For Cancer sex is an emotional bonds that they form with their lover. As a tactile sign the Cancer native does enjoy a kiss and a cuddle. The Cancer imagination is so fertile that they usually construct elaborate scenarios and fantasies to stimulate them selfs and to add a bit of spice to their sexuality. Cancer fantasies are apt to revolve around romantic interludes - making love in water, walking on the beach under a full moon, satin sheets, candlelight, soft music and an ambiance of sensual pleasure. .- Visit Astro Maps-Astrology Store-HERE

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