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Aries Astrology Star Sign
Aries Star Sign: - The Aries star sign is fiery, warm, passionate, and expressive with an urge to act now Those born with Aries strong in their charts cannot help but to putting themselves first. The Aries star sign makes courageous leaders who likely to take risks as they often feel that they know best - the Aries keyword is action. The Aries star sign has a direct and blunt quality. Aries is the first star sign of the zodiac, the seed the start, the initiator; where Aries leads others can only follow.

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Aries folks are mostly straightforward and honest with a strong some times overwhelming enthusiasm for life. Aries or those who have a strong Aries presence in their birth charts are well represented at or near the top of most large organizations, this being despite the Aries lack confidence. Aries have a need for a strong and supportive partner and the more successful Aries seem to have a skill at picking just the right sort of partner to help them both achieve their aims. Aries cannot help but to put themselves first as they pursue their own interests, they seldom realize that what they are doing might overwhelm or upset others. Aries are often seen as selfish but this is more an oversight than anything ells. Aries have warm and enthusiastic natures and can be extremely friendly sociable and extroverted they are great to have around and are usually the life and soul of the party due to their natural enthusiasm. Aries are extremely impatient and intolerant of delay. Give an Aries a good cause for which to fight, a problem to solve or something to pioneer and their extremely enterprising personality will then come into its own. The Aries Personality   

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Aries: Aries coincides with the spring time when seeds are germinating and it is a time for energy and for growth. The Fire element of Aries and the ruling planet of Mars brings an assertive energy and a dominance to any relationship. The Aries lover is extrovert, spontaneous and has a very direct approach to love and to life, the "fire" in Aries can on occasions rage wholly out of control bringing with it excitement but sometimes some danger as well. Aries is a cardinal sign and their assertiveness can become too wilful at times for some less accommodating star signs.. Spontaneity can become impulsive with an Aries lover as it is the only sign ruled by the very masculine and energizing planet Mars, the balance in this extreme end of almost any relationship comes by adding some gentleness to the independent fiery spirit or by tempering the self will with self-awareness and understanding for others - this can only truly be accomplished by either a strong or a balancing influence - such as  Leo   Gemini   Libra: or perhaps a  Sagittarius. Astrology love match.

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 The Aries Gemstone


Coral a powerful good luck charm for Aries: Red coral is traditionally warn as a natural charm to protect against demonic forces, all forms of black magic, and the destructive power of the evil eye. Hang a piece of coral (any colour) in your home or office to keep away evil spirits or negative influences, hang a piece on your bedpost to help prevent unpleasant dreams, nights sweats and night mares. You can use coral in your car to guard against accidents and thieves, put on fruit trees to ensure fruitfulness. People have always used coral amulets or charms to attract a new lover into their life, wear or carry a piece of pink coral as a love amulet. Coral makes a powerful good luck charm for Aries. Ruled by Aries ruling planet Mars. Ruling day is Tuesday. Coral: Beautiful Natural Branch Coral Red Coral Chips 'Stretch' Bracelet -$2.99: Coral Pendants Black Octopus Coral Coral - Amazon

The Aries Ruling Planet 

The ruling planet for Aries is Mars. Mars is a dryhot and masculine. The Mars colour is bright Red. Mars metal is Iron and its day is Tuesday. The Mars month is September. The Mars number is 9. Mars is action and how we assert our self it represents our determination to battle for survival. The planet Mars is the planet of war, violence danger, action and discussions. The planet Mars gives impetuosity, passion, expansion. The planet Mars is the triumph of force.

The planet Mars is straight forward. Mars represents energy out into the world to implement actions and changes. Mars compels us to fight for what we value, while the planet Venus describes what we value the planet Mars will show us how to preserve and keep what we might obtain. Consequently Mars symbolizes all those qualities which help us achieve our desires and therefore enhances our self-image. Mars represents our initiative, our courage, our physical strength and our stamina. It is through impulse that Mars gives us the strength and the imprudence to assert ourselves. In the birth chart Mars by sign, house position and aspects show how we arouse ourselves to conscious action and reveals the way we spontaneously express our emotions. The planet Mars rules athleticism, sport, war and all military affairs, all forms of coercion, men and male sexuality, selfish desire, anger; passion, panic, frustration, guns, iron and all sharp metal instruments, machines and mechanics, technicians, engineers, explosives, fire; fever, inflammation and accidents and operations. The planet of Mars.

The elements and modes of Aries: Aries is Masculine/+ . The Aries element is Fire. The quality is Cardinal. Aries is ruled by Mars and is exalted by the Sun. The Aries body-parts are the Head, the Eyes, the Jaw and the Teeth. Aries elements and triplicities 

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