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Aquarius Astrology Star Sign

Aquarius Star Sign: - The Aquarius star sign is fixed and the Aquarius native will tend to cling to their way of life and their personal ideas with a great tenacity. Aquarius is one of the most happily and eccentric of all the star signs. Those with the Aquarius star sign will frequently have trouble conforming to the norm and living within the regular family or social framework. Personal Only To You!  : 

Those people born with the Aquarius star sign are usually lively, inventive and original. Aquarian folk tend to like to do exactly what ever they want to do when they want to do it and you will have a great deal of difficulty persuading them anything different. The Aquarius native is intelligent, logical and will often have an unusual gift for thinking laterally. Aquarius types are always going in the other direction to the crowd, they think ahead of time and have a need for something different, as the Aquarius native thinks today so will the world  be thinking tomorrow. It can at times be very difficult to get close to those with an Aquarius sun sign - but once close this fixed and steady astrology sign is loyal and faithful. Aquarius folk are very helpful and are good at helping others out, but be warned the Aquarius native will get extremely unhappy if ever they think they are being deliberately used. Those people born with Aquarius astrology strongly accentuated in their horoscopes are able to take information from several channels process it all and see the bigger picture, an unusual gift. Aquarius types are very unpredictable they can be chaotic or calm, stubborn, flexible, rebellious and helpful - depending on how they feel and what they experience. The Aquarius star sign is the sign which can in extremes be totally dedicated to being unconventional. This astrology sign at times can become detached to the point of coldness with no care for what the world thinks out side of their own social circle. The Aquarius sun sign when at its best is the true humanitarian sign of the zodiac. The Aquarius Personality 

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The Aquarius Lover
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The Ideal astrological love match for Aquarius: Aquarius natives have astonishing intellectual and excellent communication skills. Aquarius may be the sign of the rugged individualist, the mad scientist or the lone eccentric genius but Aquarius sun sign represents social interaction and a higher consciousness. For a fixed zodiac sign those people born with their natal suns in Aquarius often have a lot of adaptability and a need to accommodate others. Aquarius folk have a passion for life, for any thing new and for novel situations. Slowing down long enough to establish a solid foundation gives Aquarius the ability to ground his or her electrical energy and receptivity can calm their rebellious tendencies. The Aquarian future-oriented energy gives this sign the advantage of living as if they are already into the future! Without further study of the birth chart as a whole the best love match's for this exciting intelligent rebellious forward thinking sign in need of stabilization would most likely be with either Aries  Leo or Sagittarius and to a lesser degree with either a Gemini or a Libra: - Best love matches 

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The Aquarius Gemstone 

The Aquarius Gemstone 

Agate a powerful good luck charm for Aquarius: semiprecious crystalline gem stone that attracts as an amulet and aids meditations, protects against accidental falls and all kinds of danger. These crystals and gem stones are the symbol of health and long life, and a powerful amulet and good luck charm for all persons born under Aquarius ruled by Aquarius. Ruling day ( for maximum power of your Lucky birth charm buy or make on ruling day Wednesday. Agate  Crystals Agate  Agate Bangle  Astrology & Gemstones

The Aquarius Ruling Planet

The planet for Aquarius is Uranus. The planet Uranus is cold  . transcendental-changeable, mental, nervous and barren and independent.  Uranus's colour is dark blue. The planetary number is 22. Uranus corresponds to electricity; lightning and any sudden illumination or original discovery, eccentricity, all innovative technologies, the abstract sciences, revolution,  revolutionary ideals, reforms, anarchy; democracy and civil liberties.

Uranian individuals seem to crackle with a mysterious force that generates excitement, eccentricity or danger. The planet Uranus tends to take us by surprise when it is activated in our personal lives, for few of us are receptive to the wholesale change the planet Uranus often demands. As a result the planet Uranus is often felt to work disruptively, breaking down attitudes or situations which have become fossilized. Yet no matter how painful these often sudden revelations the planet Uranus offers us the chance to take control of our destinies and live our lives in accordance with our deepest felt wishes. Ruling planet - Uranus

The planet Uranus: Some people in life display powerful Uranus type drives either by spearheading progressive reforms or less constructively by standing out from the crowd through different, shocking or anti-social behavior. Whatever the level of expression the planet Uranus seems to emanate an 'outer' force that stimulates excitement, eccentricity and or danger. The planet Uranus is often felt to work in a disruptive way breaking down old stale attitudes or situations which have become habitual, in this sense the effects of Uranus can be seen as a truly liberating force. On other levels the main problem with Uranus is that on occasions it can go way way above what is actually needed just for change.

The Elements and Modes of Aquarius. Aquarius is Masculine/+. Aquarius's element is Air . The Quality is Fixed. Aquarius is ruler by Uranus. Exalted is not agreed. Aquarius body-parts are the Calves and Ankles. Aquarius elements and triplicities 

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