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Aquarius Star Sign / Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon Sign Astrology 

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Moon Sign Aquarius: People born with an Aquarius moon sign seem very able to care for the global village as it where, but they become a little detached when it comes to caring for those a little closer to home. They are not likely to ask for help when in trouble although they them self's are always ready to help others especially if it's a cause close to there heart. People born with an Aquarius moon sign will have integrity and honesty, they are often trust-worthy types and with the odd exception (due to other factors in the birth chart) and will not be the types of person to indulge in double dealing or cheating. People born with this moon sign will tell it like it is even though the truth may hurt, the truth matters to the Aquarian moon sign: whatever the cost! The Aquarius moon sign will often have their own set of moral standards which may not coincide with societies. The friends and acquaintances of theses moon signers may come from a very broad spectrum, they can befriend homeless down-and-out's and still at the same time be friends with people of the aristocracy, other peoples rules are not their own. With more than a casual eye on the future this moon sign is ready to break all the rules and constraints in there quest for new ways of being.

Your Moon Sign/Mercury and Early 'Life' ExperiencesThe moon rules our emotions and what we 'feel', these feelings or 'in-coming' sense impressions and experiences are then analyzed by the placement of the planet Mercury with in our natal charts. The moon and Mercury will actually work together as they help to shape us into what we become through our outer senses. The moon in sign at birth will determine the experience that help (with our analytical mercury placement) to shape our inner self's and will give us a very definite pattern in our early life experiences.

Aquarius Moon Sign and Your Early Life: If you where born with the Aquarius moon sign you probably had 'good' on the face of it childhood as all of your physical and practical needs would have been taken care off. With this moon sign your mother may have either been busy or she may have put all of her energies into some very important personal interest? You may have loved your father but at the same time you may have considered him to be rather weak even though he may have suffered from poor health.  With this moon placement you may not have felt very close to your parents at all. You where as a child taught not to make a scene or to be a nuisance to others and you may have grown up to be rather emotionally self contained or even a little with-drawn. -

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