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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Relationship Astrology - Astrological Profile:

Brad Pitt born 18th December at 6. 31 am 1963 in Shawnee(OK) USA.

Angelina Jolie born 4th June at 9. 09 am 1975 in Loa Angeles(CA) USA.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie true soul mates? read now the true and real story. - Relationship astrology  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Astrological data for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This report defines the interactions between the Planets in one person's birth chart and the Planets in another person's.

This interpretations mainly focus upon sexual/romantic relationships, but friends, family and even business partnerships can also be looked at.

Key Contacts

These are usually the most powerful and dynamic points of interaction between you, but do not be put off if you find little or none, as other interactions will provide strong connections. Key Contacts can be seen as: First, Second and Third Impressions. The report proceeds with:

Major Challenges and Strengths, Minor Challenges and Minor Strengths

The Golden Rules

When viewing a relationship report, it is important to bear in mind that there will be:-

Interchangability - individuals will swap roles in relationships, due to psychological projection, gender roles, individual status and inclination, etc..

Double Whammies - when certain interactions are repeated, because that interaction goes both ways it affects the relationship very strongly.

"Birth Time Sensitive" interactions, means the interpretation will be correct only when the birth times are accurate to within fifteen minutes. Also, if a birth time is only to within several hours, then any interactions involving the Moon of that person should be regarded as possibly being unreliable.

The Chemistry Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

No one interaction can make or break a relationship - In a healthy relationship, there is always a strength to deal with a stress or a strain, through time and love challenges if met, can always be overcome.


Key Contacts First Impressions

* Angelina Jolie’s Sun is in Opposition to Brad Pitt’s Ascendant

Two halves make a whole Birth Time Sensitive

This is one of the two most significant interactions of all. This is because the will or ego of one of you finds its mirror or shadow in the manner and presentation of the other person - and vice versa. Essentially, each of you is the other's 'other half' - or at least, seems to be. Depending on your respective level's of self-awareness, each of you may or may not like some of this because it reflects back a part of yourselves that you have yet to come to terms with: your shadows. But just because you are embodying or reflecting each other's other half, there is a strong attraction between you - at least initially. As time goes by, seeing each of your alter egos externalised in the other in this way can provide a feeling of being made complete by each other. But as I have just pointed out, it can at times be objectionable to one or both of you. The great secret for success here, is to 'take back your projection', that is, to recognise and accept that it is your 'other half', warts and all, that makes you a more complete, and a stronger and better, person. In turn, this would possibly give you a relationship to match. As ever, a great deal depends upon the other interactions between the two of you. But even if this does not turn out to be a marriage or meeting of soul-mates, this interaction can so sharpen your sense of who you are or appear to be that, as a result of it, you are more able to recognise and attract someone who really is your other half - because of having learned what this really is in you.

* Angelina Jolie’s Ascendant in Opposition to Brad Pitt’s Sun

Two halves make a whole Birth Time Sensitive

This is one of the two most significant interactions of all. This is because the will or ego of one of you finds its mirror or shadow in the manner and presentation of the other person - and vice versa. Essentially, each of you is the other's 'other half' - or at least, seems to be. Depending on your respective level's of self-awareness, each of you may or may not like some of this because it reflects back a part of yourselves that you have yet to come to terms with: your shadows. But just because you are embodying or reflecting each other's other half, there is a strong attraction between you - at least initially. As time goes by, seeing each of your alter egos externalised in the other in this way can provide a feeling of being made complete by each other. But as I have just pointed out, it can at times be objectionable to one or both of you. The great secret for success here, is to 'take back your projection', that is, to recognise and accept that it is your 'other half', warts and all, that makes you a more complete, and a stronger and better, person. In turn, this would possibly give you a relationship to match. As ever, a great deal depends upon the other interactions between the two of you. But even if this does not turn out to be a marriage or meeting of soul-mates, this interaction can so sharpen your sense of who you are or appear to be that, as a result of it, you are more able to recognise and attract someone who really is your other half - because of having learned what this really is in you.

* Angelina Jolie’s and Neptune Conjuncts Brad Pitt's Ascendant

Psychic rapport Birth Time Sensitive

Because, on first meeting, this interaction allows you both to see through each other's masks, defences or smoke screens, the subsequent reaction of each of you can vary enormously. A great deal depends upon what it is that each of you senses within the other person. The chances are that whatever each of you do see will reflect or enhance some highly sensitive issue of your own. Your individual emotional reactions that follow upon this, are what then characterise this interaction, rather than what actually happened in the first place. There are usually two extremes here: one is where a glamorised image or some other smoke-screen is quickly put up in order to protect yourself from the other person's psychic perception of your inner truth. The other extreme is that a great openness remains, allowing a wonderful psychic rapport to manifest between the two of you. This psychic rapport causes you to feel as one, to identify very closely with one another, and to detect at any distance the state of one another. However, it must be pointed out that it only takes one of you to adopt the first extreme in order, sadly, to preclude or at least greatly diminish the second one. And even when the second extreme has been maintained by one of you, the psychic defence screen erected by the other person could eventually become actually offensive, which would cause the 'open' person to close down defensively too. The outcome here is then a 'psychic war' of projected and imagined fears, which can be quite sapping, physically and emotionally, to both of you. Generally speaking, because most people are not yet prepared to see clearly their inner truth as distinct from their outer display, the remedy to the negative expression of this interaction is not very acceptable. All the same, here it is. If you are experiencing the negative expression, cast your minds back to when you first met, and visualise slowly and closely what actually transpired at that time. If you can do this, without defensively reacting again, you will gain a great insight into the truth of who you both are, as individuals and to one another. This interaction reminds me of the Mayan greeting 'In lak'ech' which means 'I am another (like) yourself'. One way or the other this interaction will bring you both an insight into spiritual reality or the mystery of being. How you respond to this determines whether you experience it as fascination or confusion, identification or alienation, love or hate - or a strange combination of some or all of these.


Key Contacts - Second Impressions

* Angelina Jolie’s Moon Conjuncts Brad Pitt's Jupiter

Emotional abundance

There is a great and natural feeling of understanding for one another. Whatever might be occurring in your lives, together or individually, it is always within both of you to explore it if it is positive, or to accommodate it if it is not. There exists an innate faith and trust in one another, to whatever degree it needs to be there. For these reasons, this interaction has more the nature of furthering and maintaining a relationship rather than initiating or creating one. And so, if your relationship is ongoing, then you can be sure that together you will progressively overcome any difficulties, and prosper in the process. It also favours child-rearing and caring for the spiritual or physical health of anyone or anything - as long as you avoid doting on each other and pious do-gooding or proselytising. But do not expect this aspect alone to fire you up. Indeed, the ultimate expression or energy of this interaction may go beyond emotional and physical gratification, as it leans more and more towards altruism and philanthropy. Kindness towards one another, and to those around you, is the great key to emotional well-being bestowed upon you by the benign effect of this interaction.

* Angelina Jolie’s Venus in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Venus

Opposit poles attract

This is rather like two magnets coming together in that both pull together at once rather than just one attracting the other. So this is a classic mutual attraction, but after the initial clinching has occurred, both of you will find that you are a strange mixture of similar and dissimilar tastes and social standards. This can give rise to either being very happy doing the same thing together, or being annoyingly out of sync. What lies behind this is the need to become increasingly aware of what turns each other on - or off. In the process of doing this, both of you can become more aware of what appeals and doesn't appeal on a general level rather than just a personal one. This means that your combined sense of what is popular can give rise to a more commercial awareness - something about which your partnership may become quite astute. As hard aspects go this isn't particularly 'hard' because it is about the pursuit of happiness and harmony and this is what you consistently drive one another towards. A very real danger is simply that you will overindulge in whatever it is that you both like. Conversely, one of you can be happy indulging in something when along comes the other and looks on disapprovingly, thereby spoiling their enjoyment. But probably the greatest hidden asset of this interaction is that whatever happens between the two of you, those two magnets keep you together - at least until you have had your fill of one another. Studying your respective Venus-Sign positions would tell you a great deal about differences and similarities.

* Angelina Jolie's Saturn in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Venus

Love versus duty

This can be very difficult to handle because you have inclinations that are at odds with one another - one being towards love and play, the other toward duty and work. And so this antipathetic theme can play itself out - or have to work itself out - through your relationship. The 'love' person could appear frivolous or superficial to the 'duty' person, whereas, to the 'love' person they seem inhibited or limited by their own feelings or responsibilities. Basically, 'duty' is liable to feel unloved or be unloving, and 'love' more socially flowing or even fancy-free. In the end it is a case of both of you being committed in your own individual ways. 'Love' will have to melt 'duty's' wall, while 'duty' should learn to not be so stiff and be more trusting. Put more simply, 'duty' is learning to love, and 'love' should be a good example of love. But the danger is that 'love' can resort to game-playing or capriciousness in the face of 'duty's' apparent coldness. Needless to say, such behaviour would only increase 'duty's' reserve. Possibly you may both have to look long and hard at what your real motivations are for being in this relationship. Without such serious reappraisal, a sizeable wedge could grow between you, leading to eventual separation. It should always be born in mind that time is a very important factor in the development and learning that this interaction demands.


* Angelina Jolie's Mars is Conjunct to Brad Pitt's Jupiter

Energy and enterprise

This is a fiery interaction, that can launch you both to new heights of satisfaction and success in many areas of life, or simply result in burn out if you merely indulge and behave as if you have more energy than sense. Positive activities together are the key here, and so being up and about the business of living through travel, sports, outdoor activities, are what get your wheels going round. This is an interaction that needs to have constructively employed the prodigious energy that it makes available to you as a couple. One of you stimulates the other to put their ideals and plans into action, thereby helping them to further themselves. In return, the other encourages their partner to be more confident in themselves and their activities. And so this interaction can positively escalate as one boosts the other who in turn is then able to boost the one, and so on. So much depends upon the direction of such self-propelling. You could merely romp around and exhaust or irritate each other, or launch yourselves anew. Other, more passive or inertia producing interactions may stifle this one, or be overcome by it. This is a 'get it on' interaction!

Key Contacts - Third Impressions

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter is Conjunct to Brad Pitt's Jupiter

Moral accord

Your philosophies and cultural values are probably quite similar. This would allow you to function well together in educational or religious pursuits, or to enjoy travelling and exploring together. A good-heartedness exudes from your being together which is warming and consoling to both yourselves and others. You also share similar ideas on what is right or wrong, particularly in the moral sense. All of this means that you could go far together, but at the same time you are quite generous towards one another, and do not as a rule lay too much claim upon what each of you should do or where you should go individually. At times however, you can try to manage each other and make out that you know what's best for them. Another danger with this generally positive interaction is that you can encourage each other's excesses. But, as a rule, your overall enthusiasm and goodwill tends to make these transgressions acceptable. You could even trim such excesses into something positive.

Major Challenges

* Angelina Jolie's Mercury is in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Sun,

Monarch and advisor

Essentially, one of you feels in a superior intellectual position to the other. The 'inferior' person then feels they only have their point of view to offer the other person or confront them with, whereas the 'superior' person has their whole will and life-style to either overwhelm, ignore or approve of the other with. Of course, if the 'inferior' person is very sure of themselves mentally and the 'superior' person's will is not that developed, it would be a different story - but it would not amount to a balanced or satisfying relationship. This interaction is therefore about the each of you learning to take on board what the other has to say, and not just resisting or criticising out of wounded or threatened pride. One or each of you should be seen as some sort of advisor to a dignitary, and not presume upon their mental connection or prowess. Bearing all this in mind, you can learn a great deal from one another.


* Angelina Jolie's Sun is Challenging Brad Pitt's Uranus

The autocrat and the outcast

One of you is inclined to see the other as being interestingly eccentric, but at the same time, as being a bit of a loose cannon. They, for their part, have mixed feelings of admiration and rebelliousness towards that person. This interaction could be called "Royalists versus Republicans". One of you is especially outraged by any signs of autocracy from the other, and will do all they can to rattle their cage. In return, the so-called 'autocrat' will patronisingly humour them, or depending upon their personal influence or social position, cause them to feel an outcast and an outsider whose ideas are totally off the wall. But the 'outcast' will respond to this with renewed revolutionary zeal. This can amount to anything from actually sabotaging the 'autocrat's' position, to more subtle psychological tactics, such as detaching themselves in a way that piques their pride. In the end, the 'autocrat' needs to be more honourable, and the 'outcast' absolutely truthful. The 'autocrat' is, or appears to be, in the 'ruling position', and as such, should grant the 'outcast' credit where it is due for their laser-like perception of how things actually are. And if the 'outcast' is reacting and uptight, then they themselves should wake up to the fact that this is because they are unable to detach themselves, and so are therefore part of the problem that they are so ready to accuse the 'autocrat' of creating.

* Angelina Jolie's Sun is Challenging Brad Pitt's Pluto

Regeneration or destruction

There is probably a great intimacy between the two of you, but this in itself becomes a problem, especially if this is a sexual relationship. In fact the sexual dimension is the main area of conflict and power struggle, and consequently where your relationship could come to grief. At first the feeling of being invaded and taken over is sexually attractive. But eventually one or both of you feels laid bare and robbed of their own will. One or both of you is also rather like a moth drawn to a flame, but the intensity of such a pull can be interpreted as being deliberately forceful - and it may be. In any event, this interaction demands that both of you attain a more conscious awareness of the powerful effect that you can have on others generally, and on each other in particular. It may come as a surprise that every human being has this power potential in them but it takes this kind of interaction to spell out what kind of influence this can exert. So this intense and powerful contact is all too often destructive in some way, either partially or of the whole relationship. Basically, it is manifesting the dangers of any negative course either of you have set out upon - probably quite unconsciously, and possibly before your relationship even started. Underhand or morally questionable motives on the part of either of you are inevitably brought to a point of crisis. Whether or not you survive such a crisis as a couple, there is still a deep and lasting effect and lesson built into this relationship.

* Angelina Jolie's Moon is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mercury

Thinking versus feeling

This interaction seriously affects the day-to-day affairs of both of you because the more feeling orientated person lives life in an instinctive, emotionally led fashion, while the more thinking orientated person bases their activities on logic and work routines. There can therefore be disagreements over mundane issues like what food to eat, how to run domestic matters, personal cleanliness, use of time, etc. Habits such as the proverbial 'leaving the cap off the toothpaste' can aggravate the 'thinking' individual, while this kind of order seems irrelevant to the 'feeling' person. The 'feeling' individual may be seen as lazy and dominated by emotional issues such as past involvements and family problems, while the 'thinker' is regarded as clinical and insensitive. If some kind of domestic or mundane, and therefore emotional, harmony is to exist, then the 'thinker' has to either get accustomed to doing all those little tasks which the 'feeler' leaves undone, or become a little bit more laid-back with respect to these issues. On the other hand, the 'feeler' could learn to partly organise their lives along more rational lines rather than solely instinctual ones, and recognise the advantages of the everyday maintenance of things. This interaction is very much a case of meeting each other halfway, which is the basic remedy for all conflicts. With such a sense of grace, each of you can benefit from learning from the other: the 'thinker' to become more emotionally aware in the sense of being perceptive of feelings rather than merely being technically 'right'; and the 'feeler' to appreciate that having some kind of method or intellectual overview would actually assuage the emotional aggravation that the 'thinker' gets blamed for inflicting with their demand for mental order.


* Angelina Jolie's Venus in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Moon

Just good friends?

Here you have a soft and tender attraction for each other, but it has an inclination to find you not quite knowing who's supposed to make a move towards anything more dynamic than simply liking and feeling affectionate towards one another. If, because of a more intense feeling between you, things become more intimate, this interaction can cause one of you to want to back out. If you are both fairly emotionally aware, then you will probably both realise you were mistaken in your intentions. If not however, in the same way that making that move initially towards one another was awkward, it can be equally awkward trying to pull apart, which in turn can wind up with one of you feeling upset and unwanted. Underlying all of this is the probability that one of you is motivated by security needs, but the other by pleasure or social ones. Another expression of this combination of such conflicting needs is that you both become rather indulgent and hedonistic, maybe by way of compensation. When all is said and done, this interaction has really only the makings of 'just good friends', and very sociable and lively ones at that!

* Angelina Jolie's Moon is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mars

Fire and water

If in close proximity for any length of time, you will bring out the worst in each other: in the one of you, over-sensitivity born of childhood and past experiences; in the other, residual anger and desire to get and act in spite of circumstances. It could well cut both ways. If you are contemplating getting together for a protracted period, be warned and give yourselves a trial period with 'get-out clauses' - or just back off altogether. Barbed remarks and acutely hurt feelings having already arisen would be a danger sign here. If you are already in such a situation it is because your respective unconscious minds deemed it necessary. This means that you both had to become more aware of your emotional fears and impulses, and these very things drew you together. So it is a case of the fat being in the fire. Ideally, and put simply, one of you probably needs to toughen up a bit and not be so phased by the slings and arrows of emotional life - or alternatively, not be so comfy or complacent. Equally, the other person had best get in touch with their anger and the reasons for it in some way other than using their partner as a punch-bag. Again, these roles could alternate. Both of you, if you value your relationship or yourselves at all, may well need to seek professional help in dealing with your respective emotional difficulties. Two hurt children are only too able to hurt one another - and other children, perhaps your own.

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter is Challenging Brad Pitt's Moon

Emotional excess

Although there is a measure of kindness and consideration between the two of you, it is inclined to become a case of emotionally indulging or doting on one another, or conversely, a vague discord caused by the phoniness of such misplaced 'care'. In truth, one of you is after security and home-life while the other is after freedom and adventure - but these can be interchangeable. And so a false sense of security or togetherness can grow out of this. It is as if this interaction happens to make it known to one or both of you that what you have been brought up to need or believe in is not actually appropriate for you as individuals. This is not a particularly difficult challenging aspect - but it can cause emotional confusion. Exploring what you both really need or believe could reveal that you are more in tune than you thought - or a lot less, which is possibly why you'd be disinclined to do so.


* Angelina Jolie's Saturn in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Moon

Child versus adult

The sense of order and social correctness of one of you, the 'saturnine' person is totally at odds with natural behaviour and free-flowing responses of the other, 'lunar' person. The result is that the 'lunar person feels controlled and thwarted by the other, experiencing them as being judgmental and unsympathetic. The 'saturnine' person sees the other as childish and irresponsible. It would seem that a difficult lesson is here in the learning. And just because it is a difficult lesson this interaction can go on for a considerable period of time - until the lesson has been learned or the inherent difficulties make the relationship untenable. The lesson itself is that each of you should learn to accept that what is different to oneself is not wrong. Yet at the same time, the 'saturnine' person probably does have a point in that the 'lunar' person needs to grow up and get the hang of the way of the world. Conversely, the 'saturnine' person needs to let the child in them out more, have more fun, and remember their dreams - as per the 'lunar' person's example. The actual reasons for becoming involved at all are most likely down to insecurity on the 'lunar' person's part, and loneliness on the 'saturnine' person's - a sad, but not very promising, recipe. If there was enough objectivity, a deal could be made here. But alas, objectivity is the very thing the 'lunar' person is learning, and the 'saturnine' person would have to shoulder most of the worldly responsibilities.

* Angelina Jolie's Uranus is Challenging Brad Pitt's Moon

Closeness versus distance

The needs of one of you for comfort and security are denied by the other individual's erratic nature and urge for freedom and independence. The 'needy' person should view this interaction, when not given its due, as having no place in a stable and enduring relationship. This is more of a home-breaker than a homemaker, and its agenda is that of breaking any outworn or mistaken attachments that the 'needy' person has to mother, home or thoughts of matrimony. The same could also apply to the other 'cool' person, for social conditioning may even have caused them to go against their innate need for space to develop. So strong is this interaction's power to break conventional moulds that it will disrupt the social and domestic lives of those around you as well. The unpredictable and unstable nature of this aspect can be very upsetting to the 'needy' person, and irritating to the 'cool' person. Paradoxically though, such is the excitement caused by this coupling that it can go on, spasmodically, for quite some time. That is, until the 'needy' person is somewhat freer from their claustrophobic ideas of emotional closeness, and the 'cool' individual recognises that they are essentially just a catalyst for this process, or that they need to be more emotionally attuned or available.

* Angelina Jolie's Mars is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mercury

Thought versus action

This is an argumentative and disagreeable influence. Hardly a day goes by without one of you finding something, which the other person says or does that they have to object to. You irritate each other far too easily for any kind of peace or harmony to exist for long. However, the reasons for such battles will have their origin in the other hard interactions that you have. This aspect is not the source of conflict itself, it is simply a means (arguing) that you have of expressing discontent with yourselves, each other, and life in general. It is almost as if you do not want to communicate properly in case you discover something that really needs seeing to. This mutual irritation and the bickering that it generates are not something others like to be around much - so do not expect many invitations to social occasions unless you both have dangerously convincing social masks, or have your heads stuck in the sand in the way just described. This interaction is called thought versus action because one of IOUs gets annoyed with the other as they see them as being permanently at the ideas or planning stage, while they in return regard this as the ranting of an impulsive fool. You probably both have a point here, but sheer annoyance prevents you both from seeing it.

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mercury

The general versus the particular

There can be a lot of talk but possibly not much achieved between the two of you because one person, the 'thinker' is concerned with details whereas the other person, the 'philosopher' is more interested in an overall view of things. The 'philosopher's' generalisations or religious concepts frustrate and annoy the 'thinker's' more practical, logical approach. The 'philosopher's' great plans confuse the 'thinker's' work and everyday concerns, which to the 'philosopher' seem piffling and short-sighted. If you could both appreciate that you are each seeing opposite sides of the same coin, then something useful, and inspiring too, could be the result. The 'philosopher' could help the 'thinker' to see the bigger picture and gain a better understanding of how their thoughts and ideas can fit into a greater whole, while they in turn can assist the 'philosopher' in practically, technically and verbally expressing their grand ideas. Other interactions that you have could indicate whether or not you have the emotional harmony to come to this sort of mental agreement.


* Angelina Jolie's Saturn in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Mercury

Spark versus flint

One of you is full of mental agility, being able to spark off and connect with whatever presents itself, and when. Conversely, the other has a plan, structure or agenda that all things must somehow keep to. And so it can be seen that the 'spark' would be regarded by the 'flint' as shallow and flippant, flitting off in whatever direction interest took them. To the 'spark', the 'flint' seems too serious by far, and in need of lightening up. The 'flint' will do their best to discipline and train the 'spark' to be more constructive in the area that the 'flint' deems they need to be so - and the 'spark' would do well to take some of this on board. But, by and large, the 'spark' will find this tiresome, especially if they already have their own work cut out for them by their own choice. The 'flint', for their part, is learning in an oblique way that there is something about themselves that is just not easily understood. Overall then, this is dry combination that would find its most appropriate place in a relationship where the 'flint' is supposed to be the one in authority, and the 'spark' is supposed to be the one who is learning some dull but necessary lesson. In this way, it may be seen how you are actually interdependent, like spark and flint usually are. However, at best, communication between the two of you is rather thin and one dimensional and merely functional.

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter Challenging Brad Pitt's Venus

The road of excess

On the face of it you have, or could have, a high old time, for this makes for a pretty indulgent and hedonistic coupling. You encourage one another to seek pleasure and excitement, which although this may come under the heading of sowing some wild oats, does find you frittering away time, energy and/or money. Apart from someone having eventually to pay the piper, or watch their waistline, it can also be an imposition on others who have more serious things to do. There is also an easy-come-easy-go feel, which can be quite upsetting to one of you if they have more earnest expectations of the relationship. Usually, it is the urge for freedom and experience of one of you that can hurt and offend the sensibilities and desire for companionship of the other. Moral issues come to be a major consideration, sooner or later.

* Angelina Jolie's Uranus is Challenging Brad Pitt's Venus

Rude but irresistible awakening

One of you, the 'awakener' gives the other person, the 'lover' a sharp shock as to what is their real worth and attractiveness. Quite unceremoniously, they will expose what is beautiful or ugly, talented or dull, about their partner. And all of this their partner finds quite irresistible, even though it gives them such mixed feelings about themselves and their other half. It is almost as if the 'awakener' is taking any feelings they have of alienation out on the 'lover'. It can be seen why this peculiar reaction exists between the two of you in the myth of the god Uranus and the goddess Venus. Uranus was the 'god of gods', Heaven, who lay across Gaia, the Earth, and Creation then came about. One of his sons, Saturn, strongly disapproved of his random way of ruling and deposed him by scything off his sexual organs and casting them into the sea. From the blood and foam of his severed genitals Aphrodite ('born of foam') or Venus was born. So you can see where those feelings of alienation came from - especially of the sexual variety! But the symbolism of this is that Uranus wants his power back and Venus wants the freedom to wield it. So Uranus, the 'awakener' thinks 'If Venus, the 'lover' is still around after so much fast and loose treatment, then they must love me'. Unfortunately, this does not work because all the 'awakener' is getting from the 'lover' is the measure of their lack of self-love, which perfectly reflects the 'awakener's' own lack of self-love. All of this is important to understand, for it explains why you are so attracted to one another but fail to mesh in so many other areas of your respective lives. In a quirky way, you are both learning one of love's most important lessons: You can only truly love someone as much as you love yourself. If this relationship is handled right - which means not expecting it to be predictable - then you can both go some way towards loving more the unusual or outcast in yourselves and each other.


* Angelina Jolie's Mars is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mars

Sparring partners

What each of you wants and the way that you both go about getting it is very different. Consequently, a lot of friction can develop between the two of you. In extreme cases, or if there is little or no indication of love and tenderness in other interactions, such conflict can even get physically abusive. But this won't happen if both of you are of a reasonable and peaceful disposition. More subtly though, one of you has a different idea of manliness or courage to the other. For example, one of you might see courage as instinctively responding to someone attacking one's family or sense of security - but the other sees courage as holding back, thinking about it, and finding a more circumspect or diplomatic route. Usually, one of you will have a 'hot' reaction, and the other a 'cool' reaction - but you might both be 'hot'! Either way, you can see how this could cause flare-ups or frustrations. Furthermore, such friction can build up to bursting point if there are more 'peaceful' areas to the relationship that you both try to keep to. A good battle or row once in a while is a healthy thing for it clears the air. However, with this difficult interaction, such may be too frequent or not frequent enough. Ultimately, this interaction could be saying that one or both of you are being challenged to fight, to one degree or another, for their own right to be what they essentially are.

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter Challenging Brad Pitt's Mars

A want of governing principles

This is a swashbuckling kind of interaction that attracts plenty of adventure and activity, but may not really lead anywhere. It could even get you into hot water or a brush with the law. Whatever more expansive or philosophical ideas one of you might have, the other probably regards them as too academic, boring or just plain disagrees with them. Or one of you may encourage the other to act unwisely and then not take responsibility for it. Hopefully there are indications to the contrary elsewhere, but this interaction is rather lacking in the honour and ethics department. Conflicts of belief are a keynote for this combination, which may simply mean that one or both of you has yet to find a higher or more enterprising reason for living, and, by this relationship, is being forced eventually to do so. Essentially, one of you stimulates the other's principles by attacking or offending them, thereby forcing them to be more aware of them and develop them. By reaction, the other subsequently comes down heavy on them for having so few principles themselves! It could mean that one or both of you have to either rethink or the relationship could bust up as enthusiastically as it begun.

* Angelina Jolie's Saturn in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Mars

Irresistible force meets immovable object

When one of you says or wants 'go', the other says or wants 'stop'. So this can be a very wearying kind of interaction if some ground rules are not established, like for instance 'I'll do what I want my way, but I won't expect you to do so as well or even approve of it' or 'I shan't judge you for the way you do what you do'. The trouble here is, of course, not 'seeing eye to eye' in the first place, so sitting round the table may not exactly be on the cards. So one of you will have to be particularly sure of their act so as not to feel pushed or restricted by the other. In fact, this is probably what this interaction is actually in aid of enforcing - becoming more independent, that is - not least of all because circumstances thwart your desires and simply do not allow you to have or be with one another in a usual or comfortable manner. If yours is a sexual relationship it will eventually pan out to be a hard learning experience in this respect. This could come as surprise because at first the 'irresistible force' and 'immovable object' see each other as a challenge and so feel attracted to one another. But before long your moods and desires will be felt to be very out of phase, with headaches and other excuses abounding. In any event, the blocking of each other's attempts at assertiveness, or the attacking of whatever position each of you hold, will be become a problem. Frequently, to one of you, the other seems too slow, withdrawn or cautious; in return, they are seen impulsive, coarse and unthinking. In the end, one of you, the 'slow' one, is learning to stand their ground rather than, or without being, belligerent or controlling; and the other, the 'impulsive' one, is learning to state their case in a more measured and mature fashion. If this is done with integrity, then you can come to respect one another for being what you each are in your own right, and for having taught one another to establish this very thing.


* Angelina Jolie's Pluto is Challenging Brad Pitt's Mars

The sexual laser

There is an element of danger in your coming together. If there is something dark, brutal or negative in one or both of you, your relationship together could bring it to the surface. This does not mean to say you expose it for all to see, for there is a definite aura of secrecy in what you do together. This secrecy may involve certain taboos and/or emotional leverage. One of you is more likely to have a stronger idea of the implications of other's actions - rather like a gangster to a punk! Because of this, the 'gangster' will subtly or covertly set about curbing anything the 'punk' is doing that they disapprove of. In return, or rather in retaliation, the 'punk' will aggravate the 'gangster's' innermost fears - especially those of losing self-concealment or any kind of power. Unless you become wise and cautious before the event, somewhere along the line, one or both of you will experience a crisis, small or large, that serves as a reminder from the unconscious of how dangerous playing with fire can be - the 'fire' mostly likely being base desire or deep rage. The sexual side of your relationship - actually more of a core element than merely a 'side' - can also be quite destructive or degrading, although initially very thrilling. But you are testing each other's power and survivability, so your relationship could be seen as a battleground where deep emotional truths are brought to the surface quite cathartically. The only really positive expression of this interaction is one of refining the raw and basic energies that it evokes, and using them to heal, either each other or others generally. For this to be the case, a distinct spiritual maturity, either learned or already present, would be an absolute essential.

Major Strengths

* Angelina Jolie's Sun Supporting Brad Pitt's Saturn

Sober and industrious

This interaction lends itself well to any kind of organisation. As a couple you can function in a businesslike way, with each determining and knowing what roles to play or responsibilities to fulfil. This is by no means a romantic connection for it emphasises the importance of the mundane and material side of life. Because of this, you as a couple can create stability and durability in so far as any more emotional contacts will allow or demand. In terms of what you do for each other, one of you can bring some light and play into the overly serious or even downcast areas of the other's life, while they in return provide a sense of order and tradition. If the one of you is somewhat older than the other, then this coupling will accentuate these positive attributes, which means that the sense of order provided by that individual is more likely to be quite real and substantial. In any event, the stability and order, which is the hallmark of this interaction, can be attained if the two of you establish some rules and limitations that you are both happy to keep to. Notwithstanding other interactions, this aspect does confer mutual trust and reliability.

* Angelina Jolie's Moon Supporting Brad Pitt's Ascendant

Emotionl ease Birth Time Sensitive

There is a comfortable feel between the two of you provided by this interaction, but it is quite mild in its influence. So it will augment other harmonious links between you, but would do little to withstand or ameliorate deeper conflicts. Be that as it may, you do find that your feelings and attitudes fit well together. This would also mean that your timing was quite good, with you being in the right place at the right time for each other, and in relationship to circumstances around you.


* Angelina Jolie's Mercury is Supporting Brad Pitt's Saturn

Mental efficiency

If a practical, working relationship is what you have in mind, then having this excellent interaction of 'mental efficiency' will ensure that commercial details and information, and accounts, will be kept in excellent order. Also, relationships that necessitate one person being in authority over the other, like teacher/student or parent/child, are favoured by this aspect. In a romantic relationship, your serious mental approach to things will ensure that problems are dealt with - as long as they are not too emotional or subtle. But day-to-day, mundane bumps are smoothed over and worked through efficiently and easily. One of you will always make sure that other keeps on the case in a practical way, whereas they keep that person informed with the latest 'down on the street'.

* Angelina Jolie's Mars Supporting Brad Pitt's Ascendant

Physical attunement Birth Time Sensitive

This interaction contributes to compatibility with regard to physical and sexual activity. You will find that there is a ready response to each other's desires and bodily movements, with a minimum of inhibition relative to any innate reserve on either of your parts. This is not a strong interaction, but it can certainly oil the wheels of any endeavours you choose to pursue together.

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter Supporting Brad Pitt's Ascendant

Mutual furtherance Birth Time Sensitive

You both blossom in the light and warmth of each other's attention. There may even be a 'master and protege' quality about your relationship, rather as if one of you has the wisdom while the other has the image or looks to carry it off. Metaphorically, or perhaps even literally, the one of you is the cultured and socially experienced person who grooms the naive youth. The creator and the created - the ultimate relationship, made possible because you both have the grace to recognise each other's individual qualities.


* Angelina Jolie's Ascendant Supporting Brad Pitt's Saturn

A mutual learning experience Birth Time Sensitive

Something about one of you affects the other in a way that causes them to feel in touch with something stable and accomplished inside of them. Consequently, the first person expects them to live up to this feeling that they have evoked. Essentially then, a teacher/pupil type relationship develops, but it is not always clear which is which. All the same, this mutual feeling of respect for each other's weight and authority means that these very things are furthered by your coming and being together. This is a quite sober and serious connection that you have here, and other people sense it - and respond to it with whatever their own agendas might be. Cool composure can and should characterise you as a couple.

Minor Challenges

Angelina Jolie's Saturn Challenging Brad Pitt's Jupiter

The realist and the idealist

One of you, the 'realist', sees the other, the 'idealist', as impractical and overindulgent, while the 'idealist' regards the 'realist' as purblind, too reliant upon status and rules, and possibly as a stick-in-the-mud. In truth though, this difficult interaction is in aid of teaching both of you that creating a balance between these two sides of life - namely, growth and limitation - is highly important. As the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu said, "If you wish to contract something, you must first let it fully expand". This counsels the 'realist' to let the 'idealist' go off on their flights of fancy, possibly fall flat on their face, and come back the wiser. What can stop the 'realist' doing this is their own fear of taking chances or thinking big. So on the other hand, the 'realist' could learn a lesson or two from the 'idealist' by having more faith in life. Underlying all of this can be a fundamental difference in your respective socio-cultural backgrounds and values. The 'idealist' is more loose and fancy-free, while the 'realist' is structured and more formal. You both have something to offer one another, but deeply ingrained standards and opinions will be forced to the surface by the very conflict itself. In the process hopefully both of you, will consciously choose the best of each and discard whatever inherited beliefs or conditions are constricting, outmoded or useless.

* Angelina Jolie's Pluto in Opposition to Brad Pitt's Jupiter

Morals versus passions

Moral principles are thrashed out through the sexual or other powerful forms of involvement that make up your relationship. This interaction makes it clear that giving into your passions ultimately leads to some kind of reckoning, or that sooner or later ethical standards will have to prove themselves to be more than just opinions. The possibility of blame and recrimination is strong with this interaction as the emotional urges or convictions of one of you clash with the beliefs of the other. The contrast between the two should serve to make you both more aware of where you stand with respect to these issues. Ultimately, what you are both after is some form of philosophy that goes deep enough to enable you both to understand what it is about human nature that draws us downwards and inwards, despite, or because of, our best intentions or sense of what is right and what is wrong.


* Angelina Jolie's Neptune Challenging Brad Pitt's Uranus

Head versus heart

You have a clash between intuition and compassion, which means that where one of you, the 'head', takes a scientific, detached and impersonal view of things, the other, the 'heart', is mystical, sentimental and subjective. And so the 'head' can miss the subtle and sensitive messages that the 'heart' puts out, some of which are often complimentary to the 'head'. Conversely, the 'heart' often suffers needlessly for want of seeing things impartially and as part of a greater process by tuning into the 'head's' wavelength. This is an interaction of misunderstanding rather than outright incompatibility.

* Angelina Jolie's Neptune Challenging Brad Pitt's Pluto

Intensity versus sensitivity

One of you, the 'intense' one, in their urge to impress or get what they desire, may overlook the subtleties and protective veils that the other person, the 'sensitive' one, has around their being. So what can happen is that in looking for strength in the 'sensitive' one, the 'intense' one finds what they see as weakness or evasiveness, overlooking the fact that their emotional missile was misguided at the outset. To make things more confusing, the 'sensitive' one just might become quite addicted to these shows of power, yet at the same time try to avoid such invasions. If the 'sensitive' one was given the chance, they could show the 'intense' one how to go more gently into the night - that is, into the unknown of someone's emotional interior. However, unless this interaction is part of very intimate relationship in itself, it will probably just amount to a general conflict created by the respective differences in your respective world-views as established by your formative years occurring at different times in social history.

Minor Strengths

* Angelina Jolie's Jupiter Supporting Brad Pitt's Saturn

Sound support

If you have other interactions that indicate emotional and personal harmony and stimulation, then you find that you also have an aspect to your relationship that is both enterprising and practical, confident and reliable. With one of your supplying the vision, and the other establishing the structure, you can build a relationship that in some way positively contributes to your society as a whole. On a personal level, the expansiveness and optimism of the one of you keeps the other from getting too earthbound and downcast, while they in return make sure that their other half's ideas are grounded in common sense. This can be a relationship that goes from strength to strength, if, as I say, there is more that just this mix of one person's sense of growth and the other's sense of order. Otherwise, you'll be culturally, socially and religiously in tune - and on a business level too maybe, but without the interpersonal feelings of love and care it would be a bit like dough without the yeast or heat to make it into bread.


* Angelina Jolie's Neptune Supporting Brad Pitt's Jupiter

Compassion and Goodwill

At a very basic level you have spiritual compatibility. This means that as human beings you are always human towards one another in that you maintain a certain gentle tolerance and respect. Friends and associates will pick up on this harmonious vibration - possibly quite subliminally - and like to be around you, or even seek your help and sympathy in times of trouble. How much you make out of this, or do not, is the question. On the one hand, such passivity is developing towards something all on its own peaceful accord. On the other, it can cause you to just coast along in a nice but somewhat ineffectual fashion. Ideally, if you are both evolved to some degree spiritually, then you can 'use' this spiritual energy to achieve greater good. Compassion and goodwill, are, after all, the basic ingredients of this basic compatibility.

* Angelina Jolie's Saturn Supporting Brad Pitt's Neptune

Creative teamwork

You have a great thing going for you both here because each of you takes care of and teaches the other just what they need to have or know at the time. This is because one of has a sound grip on reality just where other does not, while the other is aware of another dimension of reality that can greatly relieve and enlighten their opposite number. More precisely, they can give them a practical awareness of their psychic abilities and insights, and how they perhaps fulfil their duties in more or better ways than they have allowed themselves to think. In return, thus enlightened, they give substance to their partner's vision and imagination - possibly furthering a creative endeavour - as well as allaying any unfounded anxieties. As a team, you would be very successful and effective where both a sense of form and imagination is required - like, for instance, film-making, speculation or psychotherapy.

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