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There are literally hundreds of books out there on how to analyze your dreams, their meanings, the symbols etc and so on. All these analyze your dreams books seem to keep repeating them self's. mainly just to fill the book up I think . There is no need to spend a fortune on analyze your dreams books or paying some one to analyze your dreams. The thing is you can analyze your dreams your self and quite simply too. Here is how you can analyze your dreams your self simply and with out any expense at all. After all our dreams at the end of the day are a message from with-in or with out? Just follow the simple basic steps below and with the help of probably the largest collections of analyzed dreams any where on the WEB in our Analyzed dreams dictionary with over 10,000 dream interpetations you will be analyzing your own dreams for your self for free and in no time at all. Or use our simpler but exstensive Dream symbols ditionary. If you can't find your dream here - then you wont find it anywhere!

First all the tools that you will need to analyze your dreams:

  • large note pad

  • pen

  • torch

  • dream dairy

Recording your dreams & how you can analyze your dreams

Before you can analyze your dreams first you have to record your dreams. I have devised a simple but affective format for recording your dream in order that you might analyze your dream. First you can print off a copy of our Annalist your dreams dairy  and start recording your dreams. Then you will have to refer to and find your dream signature in our Dreams analyzed dictionary with over 10.000 dreams. You will also need to record and understand all of the symbols with in your dream by referring to Dream symbols dictionary for probably the largest free analyze your dreams symbols in a dictionary on the entire web  When you analyze your dreams you will more times than not; not find exactly what you are looking for even our extensive dreams research dictionary's or any other type of dreams dictionary. Analyzing your dreams is so wide open to so many different scenarios so when you analyze your dreams you must try to understand your feelings, the colours and in the context that the dream symbols appeared. But more in important is what the dreams symbols mean to you. Obviously archetypes are archetypes and the more you get to know and understand these archetypal dream symbols the better you will learn how to accurately analyze your dreams.

When analyzing your dream - You decide

Dreams have different types of meanings at different times. Apart from being an amazing self analytical tools dreams are in fact a bridge to the subconscious mind and possibly uncovering what we keep hidden deep in side. People believe dreams have messages, or are premonitions, offer spiritual insights or offer insight into some future invent. You must obviously make your own mind up regarding these possibilities when it comes to analyze your dreams. May be both are true?

Before you sleep

Repeat to your self several times and mean it. I will remember my dreams my dreams are significant to me. If you have some thing you would like some insight into, or would like to understand - like why you react in a certain way. Ask your dreams a question .Just repeat the question several times. Keep a large note pad and a torch bye your bed in order to record your dreams. At the top write the question if applicable .Then write your feelings at the time of going to sleep. Next write any dream symbols or keys, or people etc that might appear in your dream if you awake in the night. Thus aiding memory in the morning when trying remember your dream in order to make a start when analyzing your dreams. Under that you can write the main parts of your dreams, you will be amazed how the dream symbols, keys, people etc can trigger your memory in the morning and how much of the dream you will remember. In order to aid memory more, if you lay on the bed in roughly your position of sleep it may just all come flooding back to you this is a amazing little trick to help when trying to remember your dreams.


Keep a dream dairy

Fill in and write your dreams down immediately, or as soon as you can. Always write your dream in the present tense since that way you will start you remembering your dreams and all the dream symbols in more detail. If you find it helps you can use pictures to illustrate your dreams it often makes the dreams annalist that much easer. Be very persist with your dreams remember as much detail, dream symbols, keys, feelings, as you possibly can. How you were feeling in your dreams is most important when analyze your dream. What it all seemed to mean to you at the time is also very important when analyze your dreams.

Interpreting and analyzing your dream

High light every thing that is significant in your dreams the dream symbols, the colours, and the people. People in your dreams for the most part though not all ways: represent your self or possibly a denied aspects of your personality. Take special note of the first impression in your dreams analyze. When you analyze your dreams your first instincts are usually sound. Then go deeper into your dreams look at the colours and referring to the analyze your dreams dictionary, which you should add to with your own dream symbols and dreams meanings and dreams archetypes. There are many sources for this once you get into it. Look for cryptic meanings when you analyze your dreams as well some times. And ask questions! Here is a list of possible questions to help when analyzing your dreams. You can add more your own as you go along.

Questions to ask when analyzing your dreams

  • What was I feeling in the dreams and what am I feeling now?

  • What do the prominent dream symbols/images/colours mean?

  • What am I doing in the dreams?

  • How does it all relate to me now?

  • Is there denial or ignorance in the dreams?

  • What is the central theme of the dreams?

  • Am I running away from something in my dreams (not literally)

  • What is this dream trying to tell me?

That's just about all you need to get your self started to analyze your dreams and get on the road to a greater understanding of the self. Certainly enough to get you started and to analyze dreams for your self. Once you make a start in analyze your dreams you will soon discover what a fascinating and deeply rewarding activity analyzing your dreams truly is.

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