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How to use your dream dictionary.

Context is every thing when you analyze your dreams. Do not take any one image in isolation they all form a part of the whole. You are the best authority on your own dreams, and what your dreams symbols mean. Think about the symbols in your dreams context and most of all how you were feeling in the dream state and on awakening. For further information on how to analyze your dream please click here.

Common themes in your dreams;   

                                                  Flying/falling show case our expanded abilities in the dream state.

                                                  In school/classes the lessons we are working on in life.

                                                  Naked or nearly so is a symbol of venerability

                                                  Hurrying or misplacing items is a symbol of being or feeling unprepared

                                                  Storms are emotional turmoil that needs addressing.

                                                 Teeth falling out represent a guilty comment made about another.

                                                 Attempting to answer the phone issues of incomplete or failed communication.

                                                 Accidents out of control, at the mercy of events

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Abandon Will live a long life. Isolation. Leaving behind an old self. Release from control of the old self.
Abduct Good future ahead. Mystery will be solved.
Abortion Loss of the new. Failure to nurture. Happiness in the family.

Above Higher self. Greater understanding or knowledge. Will receive good news.
Abroad Unsettled mind. Changes in present conditions.

Abundance Big success soon. A mystery will be solved. Approaching money-making opportunity.
Abuse Warning of troubles. Fear-induced violence.
Abyss Vast depth. Infinity. Difficulties ahead of you.

Accident Unexpected change. Upset. Life being threatened.
Accuse Beware of scandal. Danger and misfortune.
Ache Beneficial events. Successful trip. Prosperous business.

Addict Obsessive need. Lack of control.

Adopting Increased responsibilities. Financial gains.
Afternoon Good profits in business.

Age Approaching illness. Being deceived. Death in the family.
Agony Long life. Recovery from an illness.
Agreement If good agreement, harmony or commitment. If bad, compromise.
Air Success. Happiness.
Alarm Big changes. Troubles ahead.
Alcohol Relaxation. Indulgence. Freedom from responsibility.

Alien unknown, unexplored aspect of self, some one from another place.
Allergy Good news. New friends. Fortune in present enterprise.

Alley Hiding something. A narrow or secret way. Gossip
Altar Discovery of lost money. Holiness. Big sacrifice.

Ambulance Financial troubles .Rescues. Recovery from an illness.
Amputate Healthy life. Loss of a friend or relative.

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Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!- Body- Parts. Colours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top^  -


in your dreams


It is a dream of caution. Primordial fear. Be careful in making new speculations. It is a dream unfavorable to all persons connected to it.



Expect good business activity. Feelings of general satisfaction in all things. You must cooperate to achieve your desires.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


Warns the dreamer to beware. Deceit goes with this dream. You will find opposition in love.



Simplicity and sturdiness. Success in your undertakings, whether of travel or love. Surrounded by loyal friends.



Nocturnal. Eerie. Quarrels. Sorrows and calamities from hosts of evil work against you.



Victory over enemies. Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.



Activity. Productivity. Social life. Happiness in life. Success in love. Good earnings.Signify pleasant and profitable engagements.

Animals in your dreams


Flying birds are a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. Feelings of freedom, liberation from weight of responsibilities.



It indicates stormy times and bad fortune. Will be wise not to listen to flattery.



Augurs obstinate and powerful but stupid enemies. By diplomacy you will escape much misfortune.



Fertility and strength. To dream about bulls means having great success in love affairs but also business troubles or a big loss.



Everything related to beauty and grace. They are an indication of prosperity and fair attainments.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


Portraits of endurance. To see this beast signifies great financial gain, perhaps inheritance. First there will be hardship and obstacles to overcome.



A dream of having a canary at home translates into a happy and comfortable life full of exquisite refinement, wealth and satisfying friendships.



A feminine aspect. Cats attacking you represent the enemies; if you succeed banishing them you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame.

Animals in your dreams


Easy available. They represent fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.



Dealings with an obstinate but honest person. Will enjoy a comfortable life.



A dream about hearing a cock crow means great prosperity and good news. Cocks fighting means family quarrels and unexpected sorrow.



Docile and productive. Great prosperity in all ventures but watch out your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires.



Trickster. Rogue. Thief. This means doomed for disappointment or serious disaster ahead.



Crabs relate to love affairs. This dream portends to lovers a long and difficult courtship. Also, avoid rivals.



To see crickets in your dream indicates hard struggles with poverty. They also indicate famine and distress among the poor.



Seeing a crow in your dream means disappointment in everything. Grief and misfortune.



Everything related to a deer is favorable. A long lasting friendship, good business affairs and fortune in love.

Animals in your dreams


To dream about a dog that fondles you indicates great gain and constant friends. To hear the barking of dogs foretells news of a depressing nature. Difficulties are more likely to follow.



See Ass.



It signifies fortunate journeys, also they could indicate thrift and a fine harvest. It also denotes marriage and children in a new home.



They are associated with far-sighted vision and power. You will realize your ambitions and will gain your desires. Fame, wealth and a higher position are attainable.



Slipperiness. A dream about them is good only if you can maintain a grip on it, otherwise fortune will be fleeting.

Dream interpretations dictionary 


They are associated with terms like wisdom, memory and the power of persistence. Overall is a very positive dream that will bring you dignity and distinction.



To dream about fish or fishing denotes energy and economy. A fish in clear water expresses freedom related with your feelings.

Animals in your dreams


They denote sickness and minor irritations. You are feeling the need to deal with old troubles also.



You are feeling annoyed by friends and maybe thinking of doing something foolish. There is a postponement of success.



To dream about a fox means that an enemy or rival is among your acquaintances. If the dream involves the killing of a fox you will overcome a threat of trouble and will win in every engagement.



They are related with health problems and may cause no little distress among those of your family.



Grace and beauty. Dreaming about them brings joy, genuine love and affection.



They might bring an extensive journey surrounded by good fortune.



They are associated with lusty vigor and relentless energy. It denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth.



To dream of goldfish, is a prognostic of many successful and pleasant adventures.



You will regain your strength but there will be a postponement of success.

Animals in your dreams


Generally a dream of hawks means increase in your fortune but if the hawk is flying you could face losses caused through intrigue.



If you dream about feeding hogs, denotes and increase in your personal belongings, but will have much rough work to perform.



To dream about horses generally is associated with big earnings and will enjoy prosperous and happy life.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


Overall a dream of insects denotes financial gains, abundant means, and also a mystery will be solved.



A dream of jellyfish is associated with passive aggression in you and the way you are looking to express yourself more forcefully. Don't give away your heart.



Hostility of someone will cause great anxiety. You need exercise  great care of reputation.                                                        Top:



It means that prosperity will be gained through the sacrifice of pleasure and contentment. Lasting friendship.



To dream of leeches, foretells that enemies will run over your interests. Doomed for disappointment.



Enemies seek to cause injury but will fail. You will be embarrassed in business or love, but by persistent efforts you will overcome difficulties.

Animals in your dreams


A dream of lice contains worries and distress. A warning to beware how you begin a new enterprise, as you will likely be overtaken by disappointment.



A dream about lions is associated with nobility, strength and pride. Your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition. Will have a valuable friendship.



Enemies will cause you injury, but if in the dream you are killing a lizard means you will have a good reputation and will regain lost fortune.



To dream of seeing lobsters, denotes great favors and riches will endow you.



They foretell domestic troubles and business affairs will assume a discouraging tone.



Mysterious happenings will claim your attention, therefore do not believe too readily all you hear.



To dream of a monkey ,denotes you have deceitful friends that will flatter you to advance their own interest. Opposition in love.



If you killed mosquitoes in your dreams, you will eventually overcome obstacles and enjoy fortune and domestic bliss, otherwise you will strive in vain to the sly attacks of secret enemies.



There are associated with shyness and grasping. You will be loved for your sweetness of disposition.                                           Top:

 Dream interpretations dictionary


To dream of an orangutan, denotes that some person is falsely using your influence to further selfish schemes.



To see them diving and sporting will bring you happiness and good fortune. An absent friend will soon return.

Animals in your dreams


Warning of the approach of a deceitful person. It denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death.



You can be tender inside but hard outside. You need courage to succeed in life.



Wild beauty and grace. Enemies will fail in attempts to injure you.



You have confidence of friends, but will received flattery from a deceitful person. There is a place in your life where you lack originality.



You want to be admired but will be disappointed. Maybe you are too ambitious.



Greedy but smart. Dreaming about them, denotes reasonable success in affairs. Prosperity to come.



To dream of seeing pigeon flying, denotes freedom from misunderstanding, and perhaps news from the absent.



To see them alive means a very favorable omen; if dead, you will undergo serious ill luck.



To dream of rabbits denotes faithfulness in love and a great friendship. Very good business ventures.



Street smarts. Sneaky and untrustworthy. They foretell serious trouble to come but unfinished business will be successful.        Top:



Disaster and unhappiness to come. Injury caused through deceit.

Animals in your dreams


People are gossiping against you and beware of hidden enemies. Need to be cautious in business affairs.



To dream about them, foretells you will have a great loss threatening you and that you will have secret troubles.



It could mean advancement within own position and approaching money but beware of a rival.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


Troubles are ahead for you, maybe a disagreement among relatives. You have a black mark of dishonor on you.



They are related with destructive feelings, thoughts or words against you.



You have many faithful friends and security in love. Secret enemies are working against you.



There is a powerful feeling threatening you, but you will overcome obstacles.



A dream about sheep foretells coming success through well-conceived plans.



A snake ready to strike means treachery from one you least expected; killing it means victory over enemies.



To dream of a spider, denotes you being careful and energetic in your labors and fortune will be amassed to pleasing proportions. Domestic happiness.



To see squirrels in your dream foretell you will acquire a few new friends and there is happiness in the home.

Animals in your dreams


To dream of seeing swans holds prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences. Also they ring good health and revelation of a mystery.



To dream you see a tarantula, denotes disagreeable prospect for health or for pleasure. Will be disappointed in a love affair.



They are associated with power, wild beauty and intense sexual force. You will overcome opposition and rise to a high position in your way to enjoy luxuries with ease and pleasure.



Opportunity for advancement is available to you. You have secret enemies around.



To dream of vultures, signifies that you are unable to reconcile misunderstandings with a friend, and maybe a long illness that may bring death and misery.



They are related with power and strength. Good times are coming. There is a great truth that you are ready to accept.

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed     - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Ancestor blood line, impertinence, heeling family squabbles, trapped in the past,                            Top:
Antiques Long life. Inheritance is foreseen. Age. Survival value.
Anxiety Overcoming enemies. Happiness. Good health.

Apartment A part of the total house of self. Avoiding rivals.
Apology Happiness in love. Overcoming enemies. Change of companionship.

Apparition Will receive good news. Luck and prosperity.
Appetite Loss of relatives. Health problems. Loss of money. Danger.
Applause Recognition. Acclaim.
Arch Wealth and advancement. Fulfillment of aspirations.
Archaeology Rediscovery of the past.
Architect Work on design of new self or identity.
Army War within the family.

Arms - embracing one's desires. If tied or obstructed, a loss of power, helplessness or "tied down"
Arousal Stimulation. Availability.

Arrest Misfortune is near.
Arrow Hitting the mark. Cupid's dart. Painful realization.
Art Image of reality. Honor. Value. Creativity.
Artist Success will be yours. Creative display.

Ashes Loss of something through carelessness. Remains.
Assault Good information will be given to you. Monetary gain. Family quarrels.
Asthma Loss of emotional security. Financial gain.

Astrology Loss of money or death.

Athlete Physical work. Strength. Skill. Honor.
Attic Higher consciousness. Memory. Prompt engagement.
Attorney Unexpected good news. Resolution of conflict.
Avalanche Catastrophic release of unexpressed emotions. Confronted by obstacles.

Awaken On guard against coming troubles.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed    - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- Parts  Colours Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons. Top
Baby Happiness. Rebirth. Trust.
Back Misfortune in life and will die in misery. Unconscious.
Back Door Changes in life. Family arguments. Approaching money.

Baggage Opinions. Attitudes. Material goods and responsibilities.
Bakery Prosperity and success. Profits in business ventures.

Balcony Seeing or being seen. Financial gains. Big love.

Bald Sexual issues. Wisdom. Serious illness is in sight.

Ball integration. Wholeness.

Ballet Infidelity with lover. Warning of troubles. Discipline grace. Culture

Balloon Inventive mind will cause disappointment. Lightheartedness.
Bandage Protection .Desire for healing. Good times are coming.
Bank Preservation of resources. Sudden loss of money.
Bankrupt Avoid speculation. Business needs immediate watching.

Bar Relaxation. Indulgence. Irresponsibility. Pleasure. Guilty of foolish actions.
Barefoot Postponement of success. Never lasting love. Dishonor in social life.
Barking Take the advice of friends. Not to take business risks. Beneficial event to come.

Barn Will win a law suit. Inheritance.

Baseball Future prosperity. Disappointment in love. Divorce ahead.
Basement The unconscious ready to be seen.
Basket Good business to ventures. Plenty of money. Pliability and craftsmanship.
Bath Cleansing. Release. Anxiety.
Battle Will be persecuted. Will enter into risky ventures. Conflict. Strugg
Beach Where conscious and unconscious meet.
Bear Possessive love. Will receive bad news.
Beard Authority. Power. Wisdom.
""Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Beaten Unhappiness in home relations. Loss of money.
Bed Retreat from activity. Rest.
Bedroom Changes in own affairs. Concealment of family secrets.
Beer Small business loss.
Begging Misfortune within the family. Will receive a legacy.
Bell Signal. Recognition. Celebration. Quarrels and seduction .
Belly Health and joy. Beware of untrue friends.
Belt Holding up. Securing. Linking. Approach of a love affair.
Bestiality Union with animal passions or instincts.
Bible Family troubles to come soon. Joy without profit.
Bicycle Self-propulsion. Recreation. Will have to make an important decision.
Big Inflated. Generous. Riches and honors. Abundance.
Bigamy Assurance of a happy life. Approaching money.
Bikini Exposure. Display. Revealing.
Birds Family happiness. Prosperity. Liberation from weight of physical plane. Freedom. Escape.
Birthday Celebration of new beginnings. Good results in financial matters.
Blanket Improvement of conditions. Comfort. Security. Warmth.
Blind Jealously and sorrow. Unseeing. Unaware.
Blond Glamour. Artifice. Frivolity.
Boat Movement across the depths of feelings. Will attain aim in life.
Body Happiness. Good business ventures. External form of internal nature.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index  A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z  -Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals Colours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons. Top:

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed 

 Body- Parts.


  • Support and direction. Difficulties followed by success later. A friend is trying to help you secretly.



  • Elimination. It portends quarrels, disappointments and disagreeable companions.

Dream interpretations dictionary


  • Strength. To dream of seeing an arm, means victory over enemies but family quarrels.



  • Unconscious. Jealous people are against you and there is opposition in love.



  • Essence. Life energy. Unfortunate love affairs.
  • Severe disappointment.



  • Structure. Evidence. Support. Poverty and death.



  • Intellect. Mind and reason. Great knowledge will bring good result in affairs.



  • Female sexuality and maternal love. You will have true and loyal friendship and success in love.



  • Humility and stupidity. Also power. You need to forgive someone.

Body- Parts. in your dreams


  • Long life. Good health. Will be love very much.



  • Fullness of life. Generosity. You are having a peaceful time and general prosperity.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


  • Receptivity. Trouble from unexpected source but big success with an intimate friend.



  • Vision. Consciousness and clarity. You will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion.



  • Protection of vision. Allure. You are being cheated by friends. Postponement of success.



  • Identity. Ego. Self-image. This dream denotes displeasure with yourself and warnings of someone working secretly against you.



  • Sensitivity and awareness. It denotes great spiritual research and restless efforts to reach the pinnacle of your ambitions.

 Body-parts in your dreams


  • Glamorous and functional. You feel ready to handle undesirable situations and to avoid ambitious plans beyond power to accomplish.



  • Basic beliefs. Direction in life. You should mend your ways in life otherwise you will suffer from your Top: foolishness.



  • Attraction and sensuality. If you dream of hair means that you are careless in your personal affairs and will lose advancement by neglecting mental application.



  • Capacity and competence. Expect big work ahead, meanwhile must take better care of own affairs.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


  • Intellect. Understanding. It denotes threatened misery and loss will be avoid by wise action.                               



  • Love and security. Happy love affairs and successful future. Dignity and distinction.



  • To dream about hips denotes pleasant work and good news. Hip being injured means misplace confidence in mate and large losses to the family.



  • They signified unfavorable results in own affairs, probably loss with much displeasure and family quarrels.



  • Relentless anger. Willpower. You have conquered initial difficulties but you are having disagreement with lover.



  • Connection .Joints are associated with favorable things. Happiness and domestic joy. Change for the better and plenty of money.

 Body-parts in your dreams


  • Flexibility. Humility. To dream of knees denotes sickness and humiliation. It also means dissatisfaction and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers.



  • Is associated with support and movement. Joy and happiness., but an injured leg denotes unprofitable occupations.



  • Message. Communication. You have many advantages and will have mastery over many matters.



  • Sluggishness and bad feelings. This dream denotes unpleasant times and inability to attain comforts that are necessary to those looking to you for subsistence.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


  • You need to find in what ways are you ready to expand outside your normal life because up to now there was only disappointment in desires.



  • Nourishment. New attitudes. You will soon have news from interests you are anxious over.



  • Strength. You have the power to overcome emotional sorrow but beware of new friendships.



  • To dream about any neck, denotes your present feelings of jealously and resentment. It involves emotional problems involving a friend or relative.



  • Instinctive knowledge. It reflects great powers of imagination and creativity, but also difficult relations with a partner.



  • Male sexuality. Power. You have lots of energy to spare and now would be a good time to take action on a project you have been planning for some time.

 Body-parts in your dreams


  • Strength or burdens. Although you may be cheerful at the moment, there are problems and worries around the corner. Fortunately they will resolve themselves.



  • Internal structure. Support. You feel disconnected or falling apart in parts of your life. It can also suggest a lack of trust in someone close to you.



  • This dream is related with sensitivity. Keep calm and think carefully before you make any major decisions.



  • Digestion of information. Understanding. It indicates tendency to laziness. You need to keep a close check on your health.

Dream interpretations dictionary


  • Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows  you are afraid of  Top: losing someone dear to you.



  • Associated with power of movement. You should watch out for malicious gossip and it also shows that your behavior is being irrational.



  • It shows considerable powers of imagination and signifies a successful venture.



  • A tongue is related with pleasure and new experiences. Is a sign of future professional success.

 Body-parts in your dreams



  • Associated with female sexuality and receptivity. You are about to begin a period where fortune smiles on you in everything you do. You are enthusiastic about a new acquaintance or connection.

Bomb Explosive energy. Serious disaster ahead.
Bondage Restriction. Forceful limitation.
Book Information. Guidance. Record keeping.
Boots Power of movement. Vigor. Small amount of good business.
Bottle Full bottle: Prosperity. Empty bottle: Misfortune.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Box Want to keep something safe. Enclose. Contain.

Boy Young power developing. Increase in the family.
Bra Expression of femininity. Private self. Temptation approaching.
Bracelet Early and happy marriage. Binding. Commitment.
Bread Success, wealth and honor. Sustenance. Share resources. Uniting.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Brakes Feeling secure with power. Control of slowing movement.
Bride Feminine receptivity. Ready to receive.

Bridge Connection. Overcoming problems. Change in business occupation.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Brother Fellowship. Expect quarrels. Masculine aspect of self.
Brunette Sultry Natural. Practical. Down to earth.
Bugs Minor problems. Inconveniences .
Bull Fertility and strength. Rage. Incites passion.
Burial Return to earth. Ready to lay to rest.
Burning Consuming energy. Fiery release. Being passionate towards something.
Buy Average success. Good luck. Compensation. Reward.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Boss - may referring to your job, or the boss figure represents another authority figure in your life. part of your own psyche
building - your physical body or the soul.
cars - a sense of freedom, being in control or a means of escape.

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z


Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Cab Discovery of a secret.
Cabin Domestic troubles. Love affairs.
Cage Imprisoning of dangerous elements. Parts that need to be control or limit. Danger
Cake Celebration. Sometimes treat, sometimes indulgence.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Calendar Prone to be impatient. Awareness.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Calm Adventures. Tranquility .Feel centered.
Camera Image of experience. Record. Sometimes a means of distancing.
Camping Natural living. Back to basics. Denial of basic needs.
Cancer Out of control. Preservation.
Candle Illumination. Search for something.
Cap Informal. Liberal opinions. Looking to be more tolerant.

Car Personal power. Ego.
Cards Skill and chance. Playing some sort of game. Troubles a
Carpenter Success in financial matters. Overcoming difficulties.
Carpet Protection. Insulation. Sometimes luxury or richness. Ready to expand beyond basic needs.
Castration Denial of sexuality. Limitation of creative power.
Cave Inner or hidden issues. Female sexuality. The past. Change and separation from love ones.
Ceiling Upper limits. Ready to raise some limits.
Cemetery Death. Transformation. Something is finish in your life.
Ceremony Deep commitment ready to make. Formal rite. Ritual

Chain Bonds. The strength of many. Escape from some difficulty. "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Chair Position, style or attitude. Being conformable with something or someone.
""Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Chapel Joy and comfort.
Child or children Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike.

Chocolates Gratification. Indulgence. Pleasure. Fear to indulge in something.
""Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Choking Restricted communication. Afraid to say something.
Christ Higher consciousness. Salvation. Peace, joy and contentment. Consolation.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Christmas Happy family affairs. Celebration. A wish to be reunited with someone.
Church Big happiness. Being loved by God. Spiritual belief.
Circus Childlike joy. Fantasy. Profusion. Important and beneficial events to come.
City Ambition Civilize order. Culture. Conclusion of hopes.
Classroom Ready to learn something.
Cleaning Restoration of order. Purification. Maintenance. Everlasting friend
Cliff Conclusion of affairs .Challenge. Aspirations.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Climbing Aspiration. Growth with effort. Achievement. Unexpected difficulties.

Clock Running out of time. Important business news.
Clothing Identity. Self image. Exploration of new roles or rejection of old.
Clouds Transition. May be dark or light. Moving through confusion .
Coffee Stimulation. Sometimes over-excitement. A need to slow down.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y   z  -Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web:!  Animals. Body- Parts Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:


in your dreams


Everything related with this color denotes neutrality and detachment. There is absence of communication.



Black signifies isolation and transition period. It shows up conflicts and friction with relations and friends.

 Dream interpretations dictionary


This dream denotes a great source of inner peace and a symbol of contentment.



This is an auspicious color to dream about: signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union.



Related with a transition period. If clear signifies peace but if dull signifies, fear.

Colours in your dreams


Growth and serenity. There are projects which you are enthusiastic about. Great pleasures from simple things.



The color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life.



Associated with tenderness and love. You can expect interesting developments in relations with opposite sex.



Great aspirations and understanding of visible and invisible realms. Take advantage of your creativity.



This is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships.



Normally indicates new opportunities and the successful completion of projects. Sign of good luck.



People feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.

Colours in your dreams


This color is a sign of confidence in yourself and your abilities but will encounter opposition.

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!


Containing the end. Ready to bury something. Unpleasant matters.
Coins Small value. Distracted by lesser concerns.
Commune Collective energy. Socialization. Union of beliefs. Looking to join a group.

 "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".

 Computer Facility of communication. high technology. New areas opening.
Concentration Camp Fear and hatred of differences.
Concert Unexpected news. Work on harmony.
Constipation Fear of letting go. Holding back something.
Construction Adversity. Hard work.
Contest Competition. Rivalry.
Convent A happy engagement. Spiritual community. Withdrawal from familial and worldly affairs.
Cooking Preparing to nourish in myself or others. Success in love.
Corner No escape. Hidden Unavoidable. Beware of choices. Loneliness and trouble .
Country Natural world. Basic needs and desires. Feeling confined by expectations.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Court Resolution of problems. Conflicts. Fear of judgment.
Crazy Total loss of control. Freedom from responsibility. Afraid to lose something.
Crime Guilt. Shame. Powerlessness. Some inner fear that threatens you.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Cripple Disable. Limitation. Punished for wrongdoing.
Crying Emotional release. Grief. Domestic trials are on the way. Emotions need to be released

 A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Dream Dictionary ! Animals. Body- PartsColours .Crystals (Gems).  Months. Seasons Top:

Crystal (Gems) Essential self. Clarity. Focus.     

                                                                  Amber Constancy
                                                                  Amethyst Clarity
                                                                  Beryl Courage
                                                                  Crystal purity
                                                                  Diamond Abundance
                                                                  Emerald Truth
                                                                  Garnet Devotion
                                                                  Jade The soul
                                                                  lapis Creativity
                                                                  Malachite balance
                                                                  Moonstone Grace
                                                                  Onyx Spiritual strength
                                                                  Opal Prophecy
                                                                  Pearl Wisdom
                                                                  Period Illumination
                                                                  Rose Quartz Open heart
                                                                  Ruby Passion
                                                                  Sapphire Insight
                                                                  Topaz Faithfulness
                                                                  Tourmaline Calmness

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!
Curtain Protection. Decoration. Seeking privacy or something to be display.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U  V
Analyze your dreams dictionary index Body- Parts- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems).  Months. Seasons Top:
Damage Injury. Loss. Ready to restore or replace something.
Dance Joyous participation in life. Movement as transcendence. Success in love. Big prosperity. Change for the better.
Danger Threatening change. Afraid to lose something with the change.
Dark Mystery. The unknown and unformed. A place of fear or of potential. Difficulties ahead.

Daughter Youthful feminine self. Ready to express youthful receptivity. Pleasure and harmony.
Dawn A new beginning. Understanding. Good times coming.
Deaf Work on communication. Wish or fear to hear something.

Death End of a cycle. Something is finally over.
Defecation Elimination. Dumping, especially of garbage from the past.
Deformity Failure of expectation. Disappointment. Seeking perfection in own life.
Demon Image of self-doubt or denial. Something between you and greater consciousness. Negative forces.
Dentist Work of independence and power. Need for strength. Misfortune in love affairs.
Depression Suppressed emotions. Lack of options. Afraid to feel.
Desert Isolation. Retreat. Endurance. Wish to withdraw from something.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Dessert Indulgence. Treats. Needs unfulfilled.
Diet Dissolution of hopes. Self-discipline or punishment. Need to regain control.
Digging Secret revealed. Terrible misfortune. Buried of the past.
Dirt If negative, unclean; if positive, fertility. Discovery of lost valuables.
Diving Plunging into emotional depths. Feelings ready to fathom.
Divorce Domestic happiness. Security. Prosperity
Doctor Mastery over many things. Work on healing. Ready to be healed.
Doll Domestic happiness. Relationship practice. Ready to be more caring.

Door Access. Ready to enter or something to keep private. Happiness and long life.
Dreaming Creating stage. Walking to inner reality. Impossible desires. Emotional sorrow.
Driving Work on energy and power. Looking for the desired destination.
Drowning Going under emotionally. Losing all what you have. Big ruin ahead.
Drunk Total insensibility. Denial. Fear of loosing control. Wish to lose control
Dune Timelessness. Mutability. Flux. Part of life constantly shifting.
Dust Aridity. Potential for growth. Attempting to hide wrongdoing.
Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!


Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Earth Matter. Being grounded through nature. Need to connect with the physical world.
Earthquake Soul shaking. Deep levels of change. Difficulties must be overcome.
East Ancient truth. Financial gains. Meditation.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Eating Satisfaction. Pleasure. Happiness is assured.
Eclipse Fear. Looking for the truth.
Education Self improvement. Change for the better.
Elevator Ascension. Increased understanding. Increase in wealth and advancement in position.
Employer Hierarchy. Commitment. Security.

Employment Occupation. Fulfillment. Ready to start or continue.
Empty Unloading. Isolation. Want to get ride of something.

Enemy Troubles. Ready to act. Awareness.
Erection Creative power. Fertility. Looking for a change.
Europe Culture. Old world. Preservation of the past. Wish to continue or save .
Ex-boyfriend Masculine ideal, either integrated or rejected. Something accepted or failed to accept within yourself.
Execute Punishment. Judgment. Ready to forgive or be forgiven.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Exercise Flexibility. Strength. Stamina. Building up. All will be well.

Ex-girlfriend Feminine ideal, either integrated or rejected. Ready to accept or failed to a accept within yourself.
Exhaustion Squandered energy. Depression. Debility. Feelings that wish to be avoided.
Explosion Sudden, violent change. Ready to burst forth. Unjustly accused.
illness - dreaming of illness may be the subconscious advising you of a physical ailment of the body, the dreamer should pay close attention to the part of the body involved; it may also be an indication of an emotional or spiritual condition which may need attention.
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Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z
Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Face-lift Repair of self imag
e. Vanity. Renewal. Part of identity ready for a make-over.
Factory Organization. Structure. Congenial work and good news.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Fair Social activities of a happy nature. Change for the better.
Falling Loss of honor. Fear of failure. Loss of power and feeling out of control.
Family Kin. Group. Prosperous times ahead.
Fat Protection. Sensitivity. Safety. Ready to lose some fears.
Father Authority. Control. Guidance. Recognition. Happiness. Virtue.
Faucet Control or release of emotions. Feelings being turn off and on.
Fax Contraction of space-time. Ready to communicate instantly.
Fear Unexpressed love. Self-doubts. Courage.
"Analyze your dreams" Dreams dictionary.
Fence Boundary. Separation. Where differences meet.
Fetus Potential. Conceived but not yet brought to birth. Wishing to produce something.
Fight Violent resolution. Release of energy. Building or releasing conflicts.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
File Records. Organization. Mystery will be solved. Put things in order.
Film A means of distancing from events. Observation of own life.

Finding Discovery. Realization. Infidelity.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Fire Spirit. Energy. Unpolluted and cleansing. Need to be inspired or renewed.
Fireman Protective masculine aspect of self. Need to be rescue or want to rescue.

Fishing Seeking underneath or inside for nourishment. Mystery solved.
Flag Patriotism. Honor. Identification. Success in own undertakings.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Flame Inspiration. Intensity of emotion. Need to release a feeling.
Flirtation Affection of love. Intimacy. Suitable time to pursue a courtship.
Flood Overflow of emotion. Postponement of success.
Floor Foundation. Need to create some stability.

Flower Beauty. Happiness. Pleasure. Blossoming.
Flying Combination of control and freedom. Power. Success in all enterprises.
Food Pleasure or greed. Nourishment. Fortune in love affairs.
Foreigners Discovery of lost valuables. Expansion of self into unfamiliar realms.
Forest Natural forces. Social activities of a happy nature. Ready to explore.
Fountain Freedom of emotional expression. Release. Happiness and long life.

Free or Freedom Independence. Release. Ready to liberate part of yourself.
Friend Joy and consolation. Aspect of self ready for integration.
Frozen Preservation. Restraint. Feelings need to be resolve.
Funeral The end or death of something. Confrontation with pain.
Furniture Identity. Attitudes. Abundant means.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Gambling Vain hopes. Reward. Hope of recognition. "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Garage Storage. Protection
Garbage Cleaning and clearing up. Ready to get rid of something

Garden Big happiness. Inner self .Suitable time to pursue love affairs.
Gate Opening or closure of something.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Ghost Spiritual aspect of self. Memory. Past coming back. Beware of enemi
Gift Recognition. Acknowledgment. Honor. Success and good luck.
Girl Learning to be receptive. Happiness and tranquility.
God Intense enjoyment. Divine masculine. Creation. High ambitions.

Gold Splendor. Treasure. Ultimate value .Approaching money. High honors.
Government Administrative regulation. Feeling controlled.
Grandparent Gentle authority. Kindness. Seeking support and shelter. Inheritance.
Groom Masculine activity and energy. Ready to commit .
Guilt or Guilty Endurance. Tribulation. Treason. Judgment. Ready to forgive or be forgiven.
Gun Violence. Aggression. Threat. Danger ahead.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Gypsy Prone to change your mind very often.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y   z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!


Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Hairdresser Work on self-image and self-esteem. Feeling bitter about something.
Hall Access. Privacy. Trying to find a connection with someone or something.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Hammer Construction. Striking out. Work. Plans to built or destroy parts in your life.
Hanging Lack of communication. Change in own environment. Must control passions.

Harbor Safety and shelter. Emotional peace.
Hat Thoughts and attitudes revealed.
Heart Attack Loss of love or security. Need for someone to care for you.
Heat Intense emotions. Stress. Situation that needs to be cool off.
Heaven Transcendence. Big happiness. Prosperity.
Hell Complete change of your circumstances. Spiritual agony. Lack of control. Torment.
High Heels Glamour. Sexual invitation. Flirtation. Power.
Hills Easy achievement. Easy earnings. Financial gains.
Hole Escape. Search. Denial. Looking for an answer or hidden from it.
Home Center of being. Spiritual self. Shelter. Basic need fulfilled. Happiness within the family.
Homeless Spiritual deprivation. Absence of security and stability.
Homosexual Union or fear of union with aspects of self. Passion.
Hospital Healing. Confinement. Divine hopes. Ready to heal.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Hotel Transitional aspect of identity. Success of hopes . Long journey.
House Financial security. Happiness within the family. Honor and dignity. Being.
Hugging Loving protection. Attention. Conform. Need for care.

Hunting Coming prosperity. Search. Quest. You will succeed. Certain earnings.
Hurricane Destructive emotions. Mystery will be solved. Ready to experience powerful feelings.
Hurry The end of a situation. Danger of an accident. Doomed for disappointment.
Husband Partner. Commitment
Hut Retreat. Humility. Looking to fulfill a basic or primordial need

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   Y z  - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!
Ice Frozen state of feelings . Anxiety without cause. Obstacles in business affairs.
Impotent Loss of control. Insecure. Misery and afflictions.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Incest Not ready for sex. Sexually immature. Fear of love.
Injury Damage ready to be repair. Work on old wounds.
Injection Forceful introduction. Need to earn someone or something.
Innocent Passion. Open for new experiences.
Instrument Fun. Relaxation. Creative mind. Peaceful spirit.
Insurance Absence of trust. Security. Fear of loss. Blocking own progress.
Intercourse Union. Release. Pleasure. Creation. Sexuality.
Intrigue Affliction and misery. Treason. Much gossip. Arrogance and despair.
Invasion Forced entry. Attack. Awareness.
Inventor High honors. Creativity. Solutions. Compensation through work.
Invisible Event to come. Anxiety. A warning that something will be discovered.
Invitation Commitment. New opportunities. Ready for change. Quarrels within the family.
Invulnerable Ambition. High expectations. Efficiency. Sturdy to reach some goals.
Iron Rigidity. Endurance. Need to stand firm.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Ironing Need to resolve matters. Quarrels within the family. Conformable home and increasing love.
Island Conscience not clear. Solitude. Escape. Need for space and privacy.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Itch Being bother by feelings from past. Quarrels within friends.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U  V   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

nalyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Jacket Conform. Freedom of movement. Seeking liberty of actions. Luck and prosperity.
Jackhammer Breaking up of old structures. Ready for new beginnings. Strong.
Jealousy Work on fear of intimacy. Not ready to show vulnerability. Unpleasant news. Family quarrels.
Jerusalem Sacred place. Protection. Sweet experiences.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Jesus Christ Human aspect of divinity. Salvation. Healing. Good hopes ahead. Consolation.
Jewel Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.
Job Work on fulfillment. Frustrated or satisfied with life.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Journey Mystery. Excitement. Transition from one state to another. Moving towards something.
Judge Decision making. Wisdom. Knowledge. Ready for a decision.
Jump Inconsistent in love affairs. Escape from danger. Adventures.
Jungle Remote. Unexplored. Discovery. Adventurous part tries to emerge.
Jury Change. Wisdom or condemnation. Will overcome difficulties.
Keys Solution. Access. Mystery will be solved. Peace and happiness in the home.
Kid Childhood. Innocent. Joy without profit. Warning of family quarrels.
Kidnapped Change in your environment. Loss of independence and freedom. Fear to assume responsibilities.
King Noble aspect of masculinity. Good fortune. Power. Rebellion in own home.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Kissing Affection. Joy. Coming success. Wish to be close to someone.
Kitchen Nourishment. Productivity. New developments in life.
Knitting Peace of mind. Productivity. Prosperity in the home.

Knock Be on guard. Opportunities. Awareness.
Knots Restriction. Holding together. Complications. Something that you want or fear  to tie together

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z
Laboratory Detached examination. Searching for answers. Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed 
Lace Romanticism. Sexuality. Love.
Ladder Reaching upward. Profit. Success. Unexpected good fortune.
Lake Contained emotions. Sense of tranquility or peace. Conformable with present state.
Lamp Light. Searching for something. Mystery unsolved.
Landslide Work on emotional stability. Fear of change. Old survival skills.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Laughing Relaxation. Volatility. Need for spontaneity.
Laundry Cleansing. Purification. Joy and prosperity.
Lawn Life. Prosperity and well being. Relaxation. Break from daily chores.
Leak Wasting time. Filtering few feelings .
Leaves Changes approaching. Cold feelings.
Lecture Communication. Sermonize. Ready to hear or to say something important
Library Research. Knowledge. Search for answers in the past.
License Change. Dignity and distinction. A change in life will come soon.
Licking New taste. Adventures. Caution before proceeding.
Light Illumination. Vision. Ready to accept reality.
Lightning Sudden vision. High honors. Discord between partners.
Limousine Luxurious power. Ready to be conspicuous in my expression of power.
Limp One-side. Need for balance in life.
Liquor Relaxation. Abandonment. Withdrawal. Used as an escape or change
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Living room Central part of a house. Regarding something important within yourself.
Load Burden. Danger through a secret. Looking to escape.
Lobby Entrance hall. Public space. Ready to reveal something to others.
Lock Confinement. Lock up a secret, a fear.
Lost Out of control and direction. Lacking in confidence somewhere in your life.
Lottery Risk. Chance. Hopping for good fortune and large benefit at a little cost.
Lover Vanity. Pleasure. The idealized inner self.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Luggage Taking something with you. Ready to leave behind the past.
Lust Eagerness for possession. Unfulfilled in life and need to be satisfy.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   Y

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Machinery Convenience. Richness and happiness. Hard work ahead. Good profits. Prosperity. Magazine Stimulation. Consumption. News from faraway. Loneliness. "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Magic Change in your affairs. Transformation. Uncontrolled power or fear.
Mail News. Waiting for a secret to be revealed. Eager to learn.
Make-up Feminine projection. Improved image. How do you want to be seeing in the outside world.
"Analyze your dreams"
Manager Work of organization. Ready to be more efficient.
Mansion Wealth. Expansive residence. Parts of you need more room.
Map Change of residence, business or employment. Need for guidance in life.
Marriage You are ready to join or commit yourself to a cause. Joy without a profit.
Mask Disguise. Persona. Attitudes. Looking to hide some part of yourself or something from society.
Masturbation Self-love. Ready to accept and love part of yourself.
Medicine Healing. Antidote. Big joy without profits.
Menstruation Power or fear of feminine identity. Motherhood.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Metal Endurance. High strength. Need to stay firm in basic principles.
Metamorphosis Transformation, as bay magic. Changes in form and mode of life.
Military Associated with armed forces, warfare. Aggression. being threatened by someone or something.
Milk Feeding young's. maternal love. Part of you is seeking nourishment.
Minister Need to attend to the wants and needs of others. Care giving. Understanding of others.
Miracle Supernatural. Unexplainable. Excites admiration. You feel threatened.
Mirror Virtual image. Reflection. Identity. A true picture of something else..
Misty Obscure. Cool and comfortable. An emotional field that surrounds you.
Mob Disorderly principles, Loss of organizing control. Conflicting desires.
Monastery Contemplative seclusion. Spiritual community. Lacking sense of belonging.
Money Commodity. Profit or loss. Security. What do you value in yourself?
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Monster Horror and disgust. Threat. Fear of something

Analyze your dreams dictionary index  A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y   z
Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems).  Seasons Top:

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed 

Months. in your dreams


To dream of this month, signifies financial gains, a mystery will be solved and beware of a false friend nearby.




Usually associated with health problems and many worries. There is hope for beneficial events to come.

 Dream interpretations dictionary



To dream of the month of march portends disappointing returns in business and enemies could cause damages.




It signifies that much pleasure and profit are in the horizon, but if the weather is miserable, it is a sign of distress.




To dream of this month denotes prosperous times and pleasure for the young. Do not be discourage.




Will have good earnings but must rely on own good judgment. Avoid rivals.




To dream of July, foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. Use caution in your affairs.

Months in your dreams



Overall a positive month . All will go well in life, will take a long trip, and will receive unexpected good news.




To dream of September means good luck, changes for the better and desires and hopes will be accomplished.




To see yourself in October means you are enjoying the fruits of hard work and will make lasting friendships.




To dream of November ,augers a time of happiness and success in all affairs.




It is a month that foretells accumulation of wealth, but loss of friendship. Will be very fortunate in love affairs.

Monument Recognition. Memorial. Looking for something special or with great significance to join.
Mother Approval or disapproval. From what do you need to feel nourish and protected?
Motorcycle Motion. Travel. Vigor. Virility. Ready to be more masterful in your life.
"Analyze your dreams" Dreams dictionary.
Mountain Natural elevation of yourself. Aspiration. Success through effort.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Mourn Express sorrow. Pain. Losing something important for you.
Moving Change. New start. Ready to leave something behind.
Mud Slanderous charges. Messy feelings. Family disturbances.
Murder Violent end. Loss of control over a situation. Sorrow and failure.
Music Big pleasure in life. Rhythm. Harmony. Need to express yourself.
Mystery Unexplained. Secret. You are curious about something going on around you.

Naked Public display. Exposed. Vulnerable. Loss of ambitions.
Nap Relaxation. Easy. Unaware of imminent danger or trouble.

Needle Piercing. You are ready to get to the point somewhere in your life.
Neighbor Fellowship. Work on community. Ready to join others in a project.
Nephew Family. Extension of yourself Fresh blood. You want to start again on an old relationship.
Nest Secluded space. Safety. Domestic happiness.
New Year Change. Time. Ready for a new start.
Night Darkness. Mystery. Unconscious contents. There is a mystery that you want to penetrate.
Nightmare Horrifying event. Frightening condition
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Nun Chastity and obedience. Ask yourself where do you want to be more helpful.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed 

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems).  Seasons Top:
Outer space Transcendence. Power. Timeless. Seeking for a spiritual experience.
Oasis Sanctuary. Peace. Relief. Looking for a place of refuge and relaxation.
Ocean A great expanse or amount. Vast, limitless feelings. Your feeling overwhelmed with emotions.
Offense Violation. Crime. Becoming displeased or resentful towards someone in your circle.
Office Professional duties. Workplace. Working with or on something important for yourself. Prosperity.
Oil Slippery. Shiny. Seeking for more freedom of movement.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Old Long time. Mature. Sensible. Former times. Something could be completed or ready to be replace.
Open Entrance and exit. Exposed. Opportunity. Potential. Ready to make a choice.
Opera Drama. Music. Maybe expecting a big finale. Family disorder.
Oracle Prophecy. Wisdom. Something will become clear to you.
Oral sex Gratification. Pleasure. You want to receive or to give pleasure.
Orchard Growth. Great success. Order.
Orchid Unique. Exotic glamour. Looking for something different and uniquely beautiful.
Orgasm Climax. Indulgence. Consummation. You have completed the circle.
Orgy Unrestrained indulgence. Indiscriminate union. Confuse about feelings.
Oriental Wisdom. Tradition. Subtlety. You need to revalue some decisions. Take your time to decide.
Orphan Need. Lack of protection. Feelings of isolation and despair.
Outlaw Depravation. Rebellion. Looking for some freedom.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Overturn Defeat. Upset. Feeling frustrated with certain situation.
Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B
 C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:
Package Expectation. Mystery. Secret will be reveal. Looking for something.
Pageant Public spectacle. Competition. Appearances.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z"..
Pager Availability. You feel that part of you is always on call
Pain Sickness. Unhappiness. Conflict. There is a problem that hurts.

Painting Creation. Joy without profit. Transformation. Wish for a change or improvement of some sort.
Palace Royalty. Splendor. Pleasures of short duration. Potential that needs to be fulfill.
Panties Private self. Sexual identity. Hidden feelings that are ready to be expose.

Parachute Rescue. Fall. Descend. Way to get to certain point. Escaping from something.
Parade Festive occasion. Display. Ready to show yourself as an important being.
Paralysis Loss of sensation. No change or growth. You are not ready for a big move.
Paranoia Persecution. Obsessive fear. Afraid of your own feelings.
Parasite Abuse. To take advantage. Need to defend yourself.
Party Celebration. Festivity. Pleasure. Want to participate in a common activity.
Passport Identity. Traveling abroad. Looking to expand and explore.
Path A need for change in your course of action or conduct.
Peak Greatest development. Success. Ambition. Ready to reach that point.

Pearl Beauty. Purity. Value. You treasure something that is important to you.
Pedestal Support. Position of esteem. Who do you look up to?
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Penis Male sexuality. Copulation. Power. Need to express some power.
Performing Function. Fulfillment. You want recognition for an achievement.

Perfume Pleasing feeling. Sensuality. Indulgence. Seeking some pleasure.
Pet Amusement. Companionship. Reevaluation of your object of affection.
Phantom Ghost. Illusion. Desperation. Go back to reality.

Photograph Image. Record. Past. The way you see the world.
Pier Security. Protection .Looking for support.
Pill Medicine. Relief. A necessary change inside yourself.
Pillow Rest. Conform. Looking for more intimacy with your partner.
Pilot Conductor. guidance. Direction. A need for more freedom of movement.
Plague Suffering and pain. You feel annoy about something.

Plane Movement across great distance. Freedom. Changes towards new directions.
Planets Celestial body. Maybe out of harmony with heavenly power.
Plants Growth. Nature. Life. Let the natural process flow freely.
Platform Position. Stage. Triumph. A need to show the real you in front of others.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Playing Amusement. Joy. Free movement. Need for fun and care freeness.
Poison Injury. Harm. Destructive actions or thoughts. There is something that no longer nourishes you.
Police Order. Control. Support. Seeking order but fear control.
Poor Inferior. Limited expression of resources. Undernourished. Ready to develop something.
Pornography Work on intimacy. Anonymous sex. Afraid to expose part of yourself.
Praying Seeking help. Communion. Need to surrender somewhere in your life.
Pregnancy New life. Creative. Inventive. Prepared to produce something.
Priest Spiritual well being. Release. There is something that you need to forgive.
Prince Royalty. Noble aspect of self. Self admiration and satisfaction.
Prison Punishment. Lack of freedom. Confinement. Ask yourself what have you done wrong. and need to correct.
Procession Continuity. Order. Ceremonial march. Beliefs that are ready to be formalized.
Pruning Remove the superfluous. Growth. You need to cut away old stuff.
Psychic Extraordinary. Intuition. You are seeking limitless awareness.

Purse Wealth and resources. Security. Feminine self. You are feeling some financial discomfort.
Pyramid Monument. Ancient knowledge. Seeking awareness with greater consciousness.
Queen Royalty. Noble aspect of femininity. Ready to express some power.
Quest Search. Adventure. Seeking for an answer.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Question Call for reply. Controversy. Uncertainty. Expression of some doubts about something.
Quicksand Shifting mass. Insecurity. Instability. A need for stronger foundations

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems).  Seasons Top:
Rocket Explosive. Velocity. Free of physical limits. Exploration of your inner space.
Race Speed. Rush. Missing something by being in a hurry." Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Radio Communication. Message. You want to say or to hear something.
Rage Quarrels. Violence. Loss of control. Searching for inner strength.
Rain Release. Feelings are pouring down on you.
Rainbow Colors. Wish. Promise. Happy and joyful times ahead.
Rape Crime. Profanation. Fear of being forced to unite with something.
Rash Quick. Maybe you're acting without forethought or due caution.
Razor Sharpness. Cut. Looking for a clean start leaving the past behind.
Reading Learning. Information revealed. Escape from reality. Something burdens you.
Redhead Vigor. Passion. Need to be more spontaneous and dramatic.
Reef Danger or safety of hidden emotions
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Relatives Relationship. There are parts of you that feel the need to be acknowl
Repairing Damage or injury. Making amends. Ready to fix a situation.
Restaurant Choices. Nourishment. Changes in favor of your well being.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Reunion Gathering of feelings from the past that need to be recognize.
Rich Valuable. Abundance. Pleasing and satisfying. Seeking security in your feelings .
Ring Commitment. Promise. Security in love.
Riot Destructive conformity and loss of individuality. Need to stand alone for a while
River Emptying. Flowing and active. Thinking is time to get rid of some feelings.

Road Achievement of something. Direction. Ask yourself about your life's path.
Rock Hard. Petrified. Looking for a source of strength.

Roof Protection. Covering. Ready to break free and expand your limitations.
Roots Support. Origin. A need to become established.
Rope Connecting. Restraint. Looking for more control.
Rose Beauty. Goodness. Perfection. Something is working very well for you.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Running No restraint. Freedom. Distance. There is something that you want to escape from.
Rust Deterioration. Inactivity. Problems that need to be taken care before is to late.
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Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Top: S

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed       --    Seasons  in your dreams   --

             Spring To dream about spring is a sign of fortunate undertakings and cheerful companions.

             Summer foretells joyous events and prosperity; denotes the maturity of ambitions and signals

             Autumn  Implies cycle of transformation and change of surroundings. Will experience many ups and downs.

             Winter In this case is a cycle of disintegration and rest. It foretells happiness and financial gains.

Dream dairy analyze your dreams .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Sailing Navigating emotional seas. You are starting out on a voyage.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Sale Good value. Fear of taking a good opportunity.

Salt Preservation. Zest. Maybe there is something that you want to enhance in your life.
Sand Barrenness. What prevents your growth.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Santa Claus Childhood. Belief. Getting what you want.
Scar Injury. Past experience. Ready to heal completely from an emotional hurt.

School Discipline. Instruction. You have the skills to resolve a problem.
Scientist Knowledge. Expert. A need for understanding.
Scissors Open and close. Sharpness. What part of your past do you want to open and then cut?
Searching Exploration. Looking for recognition of desires or wants.
Secret Mysterious. Hidden. Ready to reveal yourself or to uncover the truth.
Secretary Work. Help. Affairs need to be organized.
Seed Ancestry. Offspring. A source for a new beginning.
Seizures Convulsion. Loss of control. Extreme agitation. You are afraid of someone or something.
Self-defense Violence. Protection. Seeking for inner strength.
Semen Fertility. Potency. There is something that you are bringing into being. Senile Deterioration. Declining abilities. Loosing interest in things from the past.
Sewer Underground. Secrets. Negativity. Ready to get rid of certain feelings.

Sewing Creation. Repair. A relationship that you want to restore.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Shadow Secret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.
Shell Covering. Protection. Seeking freedom from certain structures.
Shock Unexpected blow. Great surprise and agitation. Need for awareness. and awakening.
Shooting Destroying aspects of self. There is a deep wound within yourself.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Shopping Options. Necessities that need to be fulfilled..
Shower Release down the drain. You want to get rid of some feelings.
Sick Upset. Unwell. Part of yourself is ready to be healed.
Silver Shiny. Ductile. Highly value. Looking for the worthy part in you.
Singing Happiness. Communication of feeling. Ready to celebrate.
Sinking Beneath the surface. You want to get to the bottom of things.
Sister Family. Fellowship. Fortune .You are aware of your surroundings.
Skating Freedom. Rapid movement with great ease. There is something ready to be move across with ease.
Skiing Physical skill and balance. Ready to enjoy greater freedom of movement.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Sky Celestial. Limitless freedom. Looking for expansion, life without limits.
Sleeping Relaxation and rest. Unconsciousness. False security.
Smell Scent. Intuition based on senses. Ask yourself about a present situation, how does it smells.
Smiling Pleasure. Affection. Joy. Looking for something that makes. you happy
Smoking or Smoke Restricted vision. Cloud. Screen .Looking to hide certain feelings.

Snow Purity. Clarity. You want a fresh start.
Soldier Confrontation. Ready to challenge something.
""Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Son Descendant. Youth. Projection of self. There is something that has been denied to you.
Spanking Punishment. Control. You have to work on some childish rage in favor to grow up.
Speaking Communication. Message. Looking to express yourself.
Spicy Flavor. Seeking more stimulation and intensity in your life.
Sports Fun. Competition .You're playing some sort of game.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Stabbing Violence. Fear of betrayal. Need to be more trusting.
Stage Performance. Presentation. There is a need for recognition. ready to show yourself to the world.
Stairs Up or down. Aspirations .Looking to get to certain point against all opposition.
Star Celestial object. Self-luminous. Spiritual awakening.
Statue Image. Recognition. Representation. Need to express yourself.
Storm Disturbance. Sudden attack. Rage. There are some forces struggling within you.
Stranger Outsider. Unknown. Mystery needs to be revealed.
String Hold together. Joining. Wishing to tie something together.
Suffocation Restriction. Anxiety. Looking to grow in the right direction.
Sugar Sweetness. Pleasure. Indulgence. Happy future.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Suicide End. Self-destruction. A need to let some things go.
Suit Credibility. Professional identity. Looking for power and recognition.

Sun Life. Energy. Continuity. You are producing something worthy.
Sunrise Horizon. Beginning. Looking for a fresh start.

Sunset Completion of the cycle. Rest. Ask yourself what have you accomplished.
Surgery Healing. Wish to reestablished your well-being.
Swelling Internal pressure. You become filled with an emotion.
Swimming Movement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs. You are in an emotional state.
Sword  Power. Authority. Antagonistic. Need to confront certain situations.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y z      Dream dairy,/FONT> analyze your dreams4/U> .| 10.000 dreams analyzed   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons Top:

Table Place of activity. Workplace. Ready to start with your plans. "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Talking Conversation. Communication. Seeking for a way to express something.
Tattoo Scar. Something permanent. Display. Something dangerous from past is hunting you.
Teacher Knowledge. Skills. Ready to learn something by example or past experience.
Teddy Bear Trust. Protection. Companionship. Learning to trust somebody.
Teeth Independence. Nourishment and communication. Seeking more power and independence.
Telephone Remote locations. Connection. Trying to reach someone or something.
Television Movement. Images. Virtual reality. There is something that you wish to observe.
Temple Worship. Sanctuary. Soul. Looking for inner peace.
Terror Overpowering fear. Violence. Supremacy. Suffering from a loss of trust. 
Terrorism Intimidation. Violence. Feelings of power being thwarted and frustration.
Test Examination. Proof. Knowledge. Abilities being challenged .
Theft Lack. Need. Judgment. Fear of wishing for something that you can't have or don't deserve.
Thorn Sharp. Pain. Discomfort. Afraid to go through the pain of ending something.
Ticket Admission. License. Looking for change and excitement.
Time Irreversible. Continuity. Arrival or departure of feelings. Organizing your inner self.
Tires Movement. Shock absorption. A need to smooth some of your ways.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z"..
Tombstone Legacy. Monument. Looking for recognition and ways to be remembered.
Tools Work. Occupation. Concern about productivity in your life.
Topless Display. Exposure. Self confidence. Ask yourself how do you exhibit love.
Torture Pain. Looking to stop whatever it is that has been tormenting you.
Toys Amusement. Youthful play. Ready to enjoy a more carefree life.
Traffic Connections. Dealings. Movement. Chaotic power. Need to go someplace.
Train Followers. String. Connections. Be aware of present changes in your life.
Travel Journey. Freedom. Change. Change in attitude.

Treasure Wealth. Valuable .Missing something important for you.
Trial Conflict. Resolution. Need to test some boundaries.
Triangle Connection. Dynamic power. You are developing power by integrating internal opposition.
Trusting Confidence. Belief in yourself. Need for self-acceptance .
Tumor Negative growth. Need to release an old pain.
Tunnel Passage. Ordeal. Need for light to lead you on.
Twin Mirror image. Duality. Problems with identity
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
UFO Distant realms. Possibilities. The unknown. Ready to explore the unknown.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Ugly Offensive .Fear. Ready to confront your doubts or fears.
Umbrella Protection. Seeking shelter from emotional storm.
Under Covered. Restraint. Secrecy. You are loosing strength or power.
Underground Hidden feelings. Keeping a secret.
Underwater Submersion in emotion.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary.
Undressing Nakedness. Exposure. Ready to reveal your true inner self.
Unicorn Mystery. Ready to understand your animal nature and your spiritual essence.
Uniform Identical. Conformity. Need to identify yourself with others or to break free of rules.
Universe Collective identity. Wholeness. You feel complete in all aspects of your life.
University Higher learning. Professional. Aspirations. Willing to put effort to achieve some knowledge.
Upside down Overturned. Confusion. Great disorder. You want to straighten something out.
Urinating Release. Embarrassment at emotional release. Need to clear some feelings.

Analyze your dreams dictionary index A  B  C  D  E  F G  H   J  K   M  N  O  P  Q   T  U   X  Y  z   - Probably the largest dream dictionary on the Web!

Analyze your dreams dictionary index Animals. Body- PartsColours. Crystals (Gems). Months. Seasons To

Watch Time. Limitation. Ready to discover what emotional field surrounds you. "Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Vacation Rest or relaxation. Freedom. Looking for a change or maybe some adventures.
Vaccination Immunity. Protection. Afraid of something.
Vacuum You are in a state of emptiness. Loss control.
Valley Life. Protection. Growth. Feeling conformable with the present situation.
Vampire Extortionist. Bloodsucking. You fear your own feelings.
Vase Display. Holding feelings.
Vegetables Health. Good nourishment. Natural. Need to be more do
wn to earth. 
Vehicles Transportation. Movement. Looking for a medium to get where you want to be.
Veil Screen. Secrecy. Mystery. Privacy. You are hidden from something.
Velvet Smoothness. Luxury. Feeling vulnerable in your life.
Veteran Experience. Knowledge. You will survive a conflict.
Volcano Ejection. Release. Seeking to clear repressed material of your unconscious.
Volunteer Free will. Initiative .Intentionally looking for change without a guarantee of reward.
Vomiting Discharge. Release. Need to throw up thoughts and feelings that upset you.
Voyeurism Safe distance from desires. Fear of being discovered.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Vulnerable Unprotected. Penalties. Need for a safe position or control over something.
Waiting Anticipation. Ready to take action.
Waiter /Waitress Service. Ready to provide some sort of service. Aware of other people needs.
Walking Freedom. Movement. Ask yourself where do you want to go.
Wall Defense. Protection. Seeking privacy and security.
War Conflict. Antagonism. Strategy. Looking for an escape of a problem.
Warehouse Storage of resources. Ready to put away some feelings.
Warrior Challenge. Honor. You are ready to confront your deepest fears.
Wart Ugly protuberance. Unwanted growth. Seeking to look more desirable and attractive.
Water Cleansing. Life. Emotions. Ask yourself about your current feelings

Weapon Violence. Conflict. Defense. Aggression. Seeking more power or fearing of it.
Weaving Composition. Construction. You are putting something together.
Web Complex network. Delicacy. You are feeling trap .
Wedding Commitment. Union. Feeling close to someone.
Weed Useless. Unwanted. Feelings of being undesired .
Wheel Energy. Movement. Direction. Ready to accept the great truth.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Widow Loneliness. Solitude and isolation. Sometimes you feel alone.
Wife Partner. Commitment. Eternity.
Wind/Windy Sensory overload. Stimulation. You are feeling overwhelmed
and tired. 
Window Opening. Opportunity. Feelings of being watched. Need for privacy.
Wine Celebration. Pleasure. Looking for a more carefree attitude.
Winter Confinement. Rest. Disintegration. Ready to rise above something.
Witch Evil. Black magic. Intuition and wisdom. Fear of power.
Wizard Magic. Skillful. Looking for knowledge to increase your power.
Wound Pain. Anger. Ready to heal from past damage.
Wreck Ruined. Disorderly. There is a barrier to progress in your plans
Writing Communication. Review of your feelings. Record of experience.
X rays Examination. Invasion of privacy. Dangerous energies. Fear of looking deep under the surface
Yard Enclosure. Residence. Need to be more aware of your personal space.
Yarn Long story. Binding. Regarding a new creation.
Yelling Pain or enthusiasm. Emotional release. Strong need for expression.
Young/Youth Vigor. Freshness. Need for experience and understanding.
Zodiac Celestial sphere. Archetypes. Seeking ways to relate with your divine nature.
Zombie Death. Automaton. Parts of your greater self are stalking you.
"Analyze your dream Dream dictionary A-Z".
Zoo Exhibition. Your instincts under control.

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